Jonathan Terrasi



Northwestern University



Security and Digital Privacy

Consumer Technologies

Chrome Browsers


  • Guest columnist at Linux Insider.
  • His work covers information security, digital privacy, and hacker conferences in multiple cities.
  • Background in Linux and end-user privacy and information security.


Jonathan Terrasi is a Lifewire writer who has studiously followed trends in technology, particularly in information security and digital privacy, since 2014. Around that time, he began teaching himself and developing a proficiency in running Linux systems and deploying encryptions.

Starting in early 2017, Jonathan became a guest columnist for Linux Insider as well as a research assistant with the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, positions which jointly helped launch a career as a freelance tech journalist and digital privacy advocate.

Since then, Jonathan has produced original reporting from his coverage of multiple hacker conferences, and organized numerous digital privacy training sessions for Chicago-area internet users.


Jonathan received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Northwestern University in 2012, but subsequently pursued independent self-taught study in administering Linux systems, scripting on the Bash shell, configuring encryption software, and the fundamentals of Python and other programming languages.

A Message from Jonathan Terrasi

Now more than ever, people want to take greater agency over the choices they make regarding the digital devices and services that power modern life. Having a reliable body of knowledge is essential, and while I was fortunate enough to have the time to gradually build that myself, not everyone does despite the fact that everyone deserves to have that knowledge. What motivated me to write about technology was discovering the gulf between the people who want more control of their digital lives and those among them who are adequately equipped to do so.

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