Jonathan Deesing

Jonathan Deesing began his writing career covering gaming news way back in 2010. What started as a way to get video games before anyone else blossomed into an eclectic writing career that lets him follow his interests and see fun places all over the globe. When Jonathan isn't writing you can find him fixing up his home, tending to his bees, or trying in vain to train his stubbornly independent husky puppy. 


Jonathan got his first byline on GamesRadar and quickly expanded his outlets to include a number of tech publications, including Joystiq, G4TV, PC Gamer, and IGN. Now he writes about any industry that makes him curious, including solar energy, home automation, and real estate. 


Jonathan is a loyal Ute and has earned B.A.s in History and International Studies along with an MBA from the University of Utah. 


Jonathan Deesing

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