Jon Bitner

Jon Bitner

Jon Bitner


North Central College


Consumer Tech




  • Writer and editor with more than three years of experience creating news, features, and guides for GameSpot, Metacritic, IGN, Digital Trends, and many other publications


Jon Bitner is a freelance writer who focuses on topics related to technology, science, and consumer electronics. Before starting his writing career, Jon worked in the biotechnology industry, where he produced monoclonal antibodies to treat cancer patients. He also held a brief stint as a medical editor, helping researchers get their work published in some of today's most prominent journals.

Jon’s relevant experience includes:

  • Writing news, reviews, and features for Digital Trends.
  • Working as a news editor for TheGamer.
  • Reading and editing manuscripts before submission to medical journals for Cactus Communications.

Jon’s work can be found across the web, although he's a regular contributor to Digital Trends, TVGuide, Metacritic, and GameSpot. When he isn't writing, he can usually be found traveling, biking, playing video games, or geeking out over the hottest new tech.

My Gear

I have more gadgets than I can keep track of, but there are a few products I use more than others. My Galaxy Z Fold3 has become one of my favorite productivity tools, allowing me to check my calendar, reply to emails, or view the latest press conferences without needing to break out a magnifying glass. It’s also great for playing a bit of Old School RuneScape.

Travel has become a large part of my life, and my Acer Nitro 5 laptop comes with me wherever I go (along with my beloved Nintendo Switch). At home, I’ve got both an Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5, plus an Oculus Quest for the odd VR game.


Jon received a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from North Central College. He was also a member of the College Scholar program, which saw him complete an Honor's Thesis examining the impact of ocean acidification on aquatic communities. He also has a few Master's courses under his belt and enjoys learning about how science and technology are changing the world around us.

A Message from Jon Bitner

Regardless of profession or location, technology plays a massive role in our lives. Understanding its impact, and where it’s heading in the future, is more important than ever. Lifewire is at the center of this universe, and I’m happy to contribute to a site that isn’t afraid to dig deep and take a critical look at how technology is changing our world.

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