How to Join Twitter by Setting up a New Account

Get on Twitter to See How Much Fun It Is to Tweet

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world with 320 million active users as of April 2016, according to Statista. Whether you plan on joining Twitter for personal reasons such as to follow celebrities or for business reasons to promote your services, the platform can be a good source of enjoyment and opportunity for almost anyone.

Joining Twitter is pretty simple, but there are a few tips worth knowing to get your account set up just right.

Follow these simple steps and you will be tweeting with the best of them in no time.

  1. Visit in your web browser or download the free Twitter mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

  2. Click or tap "Sign up" to create your account.

  3. Enter your name, phone number or email address and a password in the given fields. You can also choose to allow or disallow Twitter from tailoring what you see based on your recent website visits by leaving the box for this option checked, or unchecking it. Click or tap "Sign up" when you're done.

  4. If you didn't enter your phone number in the previous step, you may be asked to do so upon clicking or tapping "Sign up." This is a useful security measure and allows you to connect with friends based on your contacts, but you can choose to skip this step by clicking or tapping "Skip" beneath the phone number field.

  5. Choose a username. It can't have any spaces or funky characters, but it can have numbers and underscores ( _ ) in it. You can also change your username later if you change your mind or think of a better one by accessing your user settings.

  1. Twitter will then walk you through a bit of an interactive tour where you'll have to click or tap a few buttons to progress through the account setup process. For example, you'll probably be asked to select a few interests so that Twitter can suggest a few accounts for you to follow. You may also be asked if you want Twitter to connect to your email contacts to see who it can find for you to follow. Follow the accounts Twitter suggests to finish setting up your account. (You can always unfollow them later.)

  1. Congratulations! You're done. Now you can start following other people and tweeting whatever you like.

Setting up the Rest of Your Profile

Before you start following and tweeting, it's a good idea to finish setting up your profile so that it looks compelling enough for people to follow you back. You can add a profile photo, a header photo, a short bio, your location, a website and your birthday. You can also customize the theme color of your profile.

Making Your Profile Private

Unlike Facebook, all Twitter accounts are made public by default. That means that anyone on the internet can see your profile details (location, etc.) and tweets. If you would like to make your profile private so that only users you have to approve can see your information, make sure you check out this walkthrough on how to make your Twitter profile private.

Using Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a verification method that involves an extra step after trying to log in to your account. Usually, a code is sent to your phone by text or to your email address that you need to verify your identity when you log in, which is helpful to prevent hackers from trying to get into your account.

To turn this on, click your photo in the top menu and then "Settings" from the dropdown menu (or tap the gear icon and then "Settings" if you're using the mobile app).

Click or tap "Security and privacy" and then check the box for "Login verification" option. You may be asked to enter your phone number if you didn't do this already while setting up your account.

Now you can start getting into the real fun. Happy tweeting!

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Updated by: Elise Moreau