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Houston, Texas


Cal State University, Long Beach


Digital Cameras

Photo Gear


  • Freelance tech writer since 2017
  • Currently a contributor to PC Magazine, How-To Geek, and others on a variety of tech-related topics, including cybersecurity and electric vehicles
  • Self-taught photographer shooting professionally since 2017


John started writing about technology, across a variety of topics, in 2017. He's a regular contributor to PC Magazine, where he's explored issues like how to defend against a command and control cyberattack, battery degradation in electric cars, and just what exactly a meme coin is.

John has drawn on his photographic experience to write articles for How-To Geek on techniques and gear, from how-to guides on Lightroom tools to roundups of the best photo equipment on the market right now. He's also covered the intersection of technology and culture for publications like One Zero, where he wrote on how a cashless society would leave unbanked people behind and how lack of resources affects our relationship with technology. In addition to his journalism work, he's written copy for SaaS companies like MailChimp.

He's also a freelance photographer. Since moving to Houston in 2017, he's shot across genres, from portraiture to street photography to events. As a photojournalist, he's covered events like the Houston Astros' historic World Series Victory parade and the Day for Night Music and Arts Festival. He currently uses a Nikon DSLR but has also shot with DSLRs and mirrorless camera systems from other major brands like Canon. His client list includes everyone from university officials to professional models to everyday people looking for a better headshot. 

My Gear

My main computer is a used 2019 iMac, specced to the gills for video and photo editing. I've yet to test it to its full capability, but I look forward to it. When traveling or working on the go, I use a 2018 Macbook Air. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10e from 2019 that, thankfully, is still going strong. I may go full Apple on my next upgrade but haven't decided yet.

My current camera is a Nikon D750 DSLR, old but still excellent. I have two Sigma Art prime lenses that cover most of what I need for photo work: a 35mm and a 50mm prime, both f1.4. I use 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO memory cards, a couple of Western Digital My Passport external drives to store my files, and a Wacom tablet to edit.


John earned a B.A. in journalism from Cal State University, Long Beach. He taught himself photography and continues seeking self-directed education opportunities in both fields. 

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I’ve been interested in tech since I was a kid setting up gaming consoles. Explaining technology in plain language people can understand, helping them make better choices and knowing that it doesn’t have to be an intimidating thing, is something I really enjoy.

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