John Archer

John covers all things TV and writes to keep you aware off all the latest news from the increasingly complicated world of television sets and projectors.


After starting my writing career longer ago than I care to think about reviewing video games for Amiga Action magazine, I wound up working as a sub-editor for a trio of AV magazines in the UK: What Satellite, What Video and Home Cinema Choice. I eventually worked my way up to Deputy Editor of Home Cinema Choice, before becoming a freelance technology writer. 

I've now been writing as a freelancer for nearly 20 years, focussing predominantly on TV and projector technology. In that time I've worked regularly for numerous high profile publications including The Sunday Times, The Mail On Sunday, Forbes,,, House Beautiful, Ideal Home, and Home Cinema Choice.


I was educated at The University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, where I obtained a First Class Honours Degree in Film And Literature, and then at The University of Cardiff in Wales, where I obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism.

John Archer

TV and projector technology has never moved as fast as it's moving right now. While this rapid rate of change is delivering huge quality benefits to consumers, though, it's also making the once simple job of buying a TV or projector mind-bogglingly complicated. It's making it harder and harder, too, to know how to get the best from any TV or projector you end up buying.

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