JOBY Is Launching Five New Microphones for Streamers and Podcasters

Something for every recording creative

Camera accessory company JOBY is launching five new microphones to its Wavo line focusing on live streams and podcasts.

The five new mics are the Wavo POD, Wavo PRO, PRO DS, Lav Pro, and the AIR. With these new additions, the Wavo line runs the audio gamut by including different microphone styles like shotgun, lavalier, and tabletop condenser mics.


The Wavo POD ($99.99) is a USB condenser microphone intended for podcasting and streaming. JOBY designed the POD with easy-to-use volume controls and high-quality 24bit/48kHz audio so new creators can get up and running fast. It even comes with a pop filter to ensure clear sound.

The Wavo PRO ($299.99) and PRO DS ($249.99) are on-camera shotgun microphones powered by rechargeable batteries that can last up to 60 hours. Designed to work on the latest cameras, the two mics feature -10 dB safe track recording to make sure audio isn’t lost. The PRO version, however, has active noise cancellation and comprehensive EQ controls.

The Lav PRO ($79.99) is a little lavalier mic that goes on your shirt. It’s omnidirectional, so the mic can pick up your voice no matter which way you look, and it features a windscreen to reduce noises made by wind or clothes rustling.


There's also the Wavo AIR ($249.99), a wireless microphone system that comes with two transmitters, one receiver, and two lapel microphones. The AIR transmits at a secure 2.4Ghz up to 164 feet away from the camera. It also includes a windjammer to reduce wind noise.

The Wavo PRO DS will release later this year, but all the other microphones are currently available for purchase.

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