Jo Plumridge

Jo is an internationally published photographer and writer based in the United Kingdom. She specializes mainly in portraiture and travel work.


Jo Plumridge first picked up a camera at age 10, and she has been hooked on the medium ever since. She now runs a successful freelancing career, and she has written and photographed for a huge variety of clients including the BBC, Digital Camera Magazine, and Saga Magazine. Jo also teaches private photography courses in London. Jo has been writing about digital cameras for many years, and specializes in work concerning digital SLRs. Jo holds a degree in Photography and Media Arts from the University of Plymouth, U.K.

Jo Plumridge

Photography has been a passion for most of my life, and I'm lucky enough to make my living doing something I love. I can still remember switching over from film cameras to digital, and how much new technology there was to learn about. That's why I enjoy writing about DSLRs, and helping people come to grips with their new equipment. I've been lucky enough to shoot all over the world, and I enjoy passing on some of the tips and tricks that I've learned over the years. Most importantly, I enjoy showing people how much fun using a digital camera can be!

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