Jitsi Open-Source Communications Software

Enjoy secure communications with Jitsi open-source software

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 jitsi.org / Wikimedia Commons

Jitsi is a free Java-based communication platform that provides secure video conferencing and allows SIP-based voice calls on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and on Android and iOS mobile devices. Jitsi supports free voice and video calls and delivers all the functionalities of instant messaging software.

It also offers conference calls over SIP and connects to many other networks including Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and ICQ. Jitsi integrates all your communication needs into one free, open-source application. 

Jitsi Projects

Jitsi combines open-source projects that you can use to meet your communication needs:

  • Jitsi Meet. Anyone with privacy concerns should use Jitsi Meet, which is a Skype alternative, for video conferencing.
  • Jitsi Videobridge is the heart of the Jitsi system. It passes everyone's video and audio directly to the participants instead of mixing them.
  • Jitsi Desktop adds sharing capabilities, file transfer, and desktop sharing along with secure audio and video calls. 

About Jitsi

Jitsi offers a simple user-friendly interface with basic features and easy controls for configuring the tool and communication. Download and installation are straightforward as is configuring the SIP settings. You can use Jitsi with any SIP account.

Jitsi supports many IM protocols and works with many other networks, so you can call and contact your friends without having to change your communications tool. It is fully WebRTC compatible.

Jitsi is free and open source. Having a look at the source code of tools like this is an interesting adventure for programmers who want to work on VoIP applications. Being Java-based, the application works on most operating systems. Because Jitsi is Java-based, you must have Java installed on your computer.

With Jitsi, you can use your computer and internet connection to make free voice and video calls through SIP. Just get a SIP address and register with Jitsi. You can then communicate with your friends using SIP or with people on other compatible networks. You can also use Jitsi with Google Voice to call regular landline and mobile numbers.

Jitsi supports voice communication, video conferencing, chat, IM networks, file transfer, and desktop sharing.

Jitsi offers privacy and encryption for calls. It uses end-to-end encryption, which protects your communications from third parties.