Jim Squires

Jim Squires has been writing about mobile games since 2009, and has been writing about a wide variety of video games even longer. If you're really skilled at the Wayback Machine, you might just find an episode of Let's Make a Deal where Jim won an Atari 7800 on his 10th birthday. He attributes his love of mobile games to that one time he accidentally put his iPod Nano through the wash and had to buy an iPod Touch as a replacement.


Jim has been the Editor-in-Chief of Gamezebo, one of the internet's leading authorities on iOS and Android games, since 2012. Prior to this, Jim had seen his article about mobile published in outlets ranging from Touch Arcade to the Toronto Star.

In addition to writing and editing, Jim offers PR and consulting services to mobile game developers and has seen many of his clients go on to earn featured spots on the App Store.

Jim Squires

I only stop playing iOS games so that I have the time to write about them. With hundreds of new games hitting the App Store every week, you've got to place your faith in somebody to highlight the games you should know about. Let me be your guide.

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