- Disposable Email Address Service

The Bottom Line provides easy to use disposable email addresses that auto-expire after a certain time. Useful when you need an address just once, it's not an all-around disposable email solution. is no longer available.


  • disposable addresses are easy to use
  • Email addresses at auto-expire
  • addresses have no connection to your real email address


  • can't be used for newsletters
  • Addresses can't be disabled manually at
  • does not rewrite replies to use disposable address


  • lets you create temporary email addresses that forward all mail to your default address.
  • addresses expire and stop forwarding automatically after one to eight days.
  • Use whenever you need an email address quick and just once.
  • A Mozilla Firefox extension lets you create addresses via the context menu.

Guide Review - - Disposable Email Address Service

You're often asked for an email address on the net: to use a forum, to order something, to receive an email from your new IM acquaintance,... What you can never be sure of is that your email address won't be used to spam you.

So, instead of submitting your real email address it's better to get a temporary one at These addresses, easily created either via the website or a Mozilla Firefox extension, expire automatically. Until then they forward all mail to your real address, however.

Since addresses will stop working no matter what, you can't use them to subscribe to newsletters, for example. You should also make sure your new-found friend knows your real address before the disposable address expires.

Yet, whenever you need an address just once, is easy, fast and useful.