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  • Freelance writer with over 10 years writing about technology, including product reviews, editorials, and how-to articles published in iLounge, Forbes, Yahoo, The Independent, and iDropNews.
  • Author of three editions of iPod & iTunes Portable Genius
  • 20+ years experience in freelance information technology consulting and project management for major corporations and government organizations.


Jesse currently works as a Senior Writer for, where he writes about what’s happening in the world of Apple, and previously served as the Senior Editor for for over 10 years, where he reviewed a wide array of iPhone and iPad accessories and apps along with providing help and assistance through technical articles, tutorials, and a reader Q&A column; he is also the author of iPod & iTunes Portable Genius. 

Originally steeped heavily in the Windows and Unix worlds, Jesse was a longtime early adopter of digital media technology, PDAs, and smartphones, cutting his teeth on the original Pilot 1000 and Creative Labs Nomad digital audio player, along with a variety of early home media streaming solutions in an attempt to build the ultimate digital home theatre. When Jesse got his hands on his first iPod in 2004, he became sold on all things Apple and never looked back, eagerly exchanging his HP laptop for a Powerbook and later on his Nokia E90 in favor of Apple’s first iPhone. Although Jesse is still primarily an Apple user, he’s also used a variety of Android devices, still plays with Windows laptops and Chromebooks just for fun.

Jesse is also the author of "iPods and iTunes Portable Genius" (Wiley, 2012).

My Gear

My current setup includes a MacBook Pro as my main computer, although I primarily write now on an iPad Air, and rarely take the MacBook too far from my desk. I naturally also have an iPhone, Apple Watch, and a set of AirPods Pro, along with a couple of HomePods and Apple TVs, and an entire HomeKit-enabled house that lets me control everything from my thermostats to my sprinklers using Siri.

I’m also a massive digital media collector, and quite probably one of iTunes’ best customers, with a massive multi-terabyte library of purchased music, movies, and TV shows. Despite this, I’ve been keeping one foot in the Android world since the Nexus One came out and run my own Linux servers for web and mail hosting and a Plex Media Server for my massive content library. 

 Other work:

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A Message from Jesse Hollington

I really enjoy researching and writing about new products and technologies.

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