Jerri Ledford

Jerri L Ledford

Jerri L Ledford

Jerri Ledford is a technology author, speaker and training designer. She specializes in consumer technology–software and applications such as Windows, Microsoft Office, and cloud-based programs. Jerri also loves phones, tables, video games, fitness trackers, home automation or just about anything electronic. When not writing or fidgeting with some kind of gadget, Jerri spends her time with her husband, adult children, and her Pit Bull/Bull Mastiff mix, Sampson. 


Over the years, Jerri has had thousands of articles published both online and in print. She's worked with companies like Computerworld, PC Magazine,, and hundreds of others. Jerri has also written 19 nonfiction books that have appeared in nearly a dozen different languages. Those books include:

  • The Web Geek's Guide to Your Google-Enabled Phone
  • The Web Geek's Guide to Google Chrome
  • Google Adsense for Dummies
  • Google Powered: Productivity with Online Tools
  • The Personal Cybersecurity Bible
  • Cut the Cord: The Consumer's Guide to VoIP
  • The Rational Guide to Preventing Identity Theft
  • The Gadget Geek's Guide to Your Sony Playstation Portable

In addition to writing consumer and business-to-business content, Jerri also helps to design training courses and materials for companies like ClipTraining, Franklin Covey, The Coca-Cola Company, and many others. 

These days, Jerri helps to guide and manage technology writers, and is a Marketing Manager for a mid-sized technology company.


 Jerri studied English at Western Kentucky University, and took particular interest in the elective technical writing courses. Since college, Jerri has continued her education, taking technology and writing courses both online and in-person.

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