Jennifer Karner

Writer Jen Karner.

Jen is a professional writer who focuses on VR, gaming, and Android phones. She puts an emphasis on making technology easy to understand and use, and has written extensively about VR and AR over the last few years. An expert on Android devices, and the awesome things you can do with them, her aim is to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their tech, with a minimum of fuss.


Jen started her writing career in 2015, focusing on wearable technology, but quickly branched out to all things Android, and VR. She's also talked about current issues, and how technology and the real world connect. During her career, she has published articles with AndroidCentral, VRHeads, iMore, WindowsCentral, and TheMarySue.

Jennifer Karner

I love to help people find ways to use their tech in a way that integrates into life, rather than making it more difficult. Technology should be fun to use, and I'm always excited to show people that!

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