JBL Releases Powerful Earbuds With an Innovative Touchscreen Charging Case

Ditch your phone and control music from the case

JBL has just announced the Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds, complete with a touchscreen-enabled charging case. 

The company calls it "the world’s first smart charging case." The case features a 1.45-inch LED touchscreen with control methods similar to a smartwatch, allowing users to change the volume, control streaming apps, and even receive calls and social media notifications. 

JBL Tour Pro 2


Of course, the case also, you know, charges the earbuds, but the touchscreen controls allow you to keep your phone snug in its hidey-hole while still retaining some of its most-used features. 

The forward-thinking specs don’t begin and end with the case, as the earbuds also look to be quite powerful. They are Bluetooth 5.3 LTE compatible and feature 10mm drivers for increased audio fidelity, up from 6.8mm in the previous iteration. 

The earbuds last for ten hours per charge, with the case allowing four full charges before it needs to head to a power outlet. That’s 40 hours of use, an increase over the six hours per earbud charge and 32 hours per case charge of the last model. 

JBL’s Tour Pro 2 earbuds include active noise cancellation tech (ANC) and six built-in microphones. One would assume, however, that engaging ANC will significantly decrease the advertised battery life. 

So how much will this latest innovation in earbud charging case technology set you back? The Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds cost $250 and are available in both champagne and black, with matching case colors. Orders start today. 

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