Jarte Review

Screenshot of Jarte in Windows 7
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Jarte is a free word processor for Windows with common formatting features and support for a wide range of custom viewing layouts.

If you're looking for a word processor that can provide a distraction free writing experience, Jarte may be just what you're looking for.


  • Can check for spelling errors
  • New documents open in separate tabs
  • Quickly switch between different interface layouts
  • Works with common file formats
  • Small setup file
  • Documents can be saved automatically
  • Portable version available


  • Spelling isn't checked automatically
  • Can be confusing to use


  • Works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • Popular document file formats can be opened, such as RTF and DOCX
  • Jarte includes a right-click context menu link to send words to WordWeb Online for definitions
  • Easy to create a web, file, or email hyperlink
  • Option to send the open document to someone over email
  • Jarte uses the built-in Windows search utility to find documents to edit
  • Three viewing layouts are supported, called classic, compact, and minimal
  • Includes a Clickless Operation feature so menus, tabs, and the save button can be selected without actually clicking
  • Easy access to recently opened documents
  • Includes free envelope and label sheet templates
  • Jarte can export a document to an HTML or PDF
  • You can search for text in multiple open documents at once
  • A list of past text items from the clipboard are tracked and can be retrieved by Jarte
  • Drag and drop file support is allowed
  • The background color of the entire document can be changed

My Thoughts on Jarte

I like that Jarte lets you switch between different viewing layouts. The minimal layout provides quite a stripped down version, which means you have much less complications from the distractions of toolbars.

Unfortunately, Jarte does not monitor spelling errors as you type, which means you must run the spell check utility manually. 

Some features are only available if you purchase Jarte Plus, though the settings and options are still present in the free version. This can be annoying at time when you're choosing to enable features only to be told you must pay for the full version.