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Emerson College

Brandeis University


Samsung and Android Devices

Mobile Apps

Tech News

Consumer Electronics


  • Has worked as a full-time journalist for tech publishing firms that include TechTarget, BetaNews, Ziff-Davis, and Post-Newsweek.
  • Published thousands of articles and reviews for SD Times, CIO, PC World, PC Magazine, Computerworld, Enterprise Networking Planet, Linux Today, Portable Computing, and many other major publications.
  • Coverage areas include: smartphones, tablets, PCs, and mobile apps to enterprise IT topics like software development, systems administration, and cloud enablement.


Jacqueline is a former Lifewire writer who has been writing about technology for more than two decades. Her work has appeared, too, in CRN (Computer Reseller News); Technologizer; American Banker, Investopedia, Bankrate.com, Waters, and Computer Graphics World, to give a few examples.

For seven years, Jacqueline produced multiple stories each day as a bureau chief for Newsbytes News Network, an Internet-based daily tech newswire service eventually acquired by Post-Newsweek. She has served as software editor for Ziff-Davis' Sm@rt Partner and subsequently as supply chain editor and technology writer for CIO Insight, ZDNet, eWeek, and other Ziff-Davis Internet websites.

Jacqueline focused on both consumer and small business technology as a senior editor at BetaNews, and worked as software editor for three years in TechTarget's TechnologyGuide division. Here, she oversaw the creation of all software-related content for TechnologyGuide's six websites: Notebook Review, TabletPCReview, Brighthand, DesktopReview,  DigitalCameraReview, and PrinterComparison.

Jacqueline has also served as a contributing editor to SD Times, Techwalla, Linux Today, Windows in Financial Services, and Wireless Integration Magazine. She's also worked as a mobile expert columnist for Entrepreneur.com and CMP's Planet IT, as well as an author for aNewDomain and InformIT. In addition, she's worked on writing projects for major technology hardware, software, and networking companies.


Jacqueline earned a bachelor's degree in mass communications with a concentration in journalism, but also had a second major in English with a concentration in creative writing.

After receiving her B.S. degree, Jacqueline completed a postgraduate master's level program at Brandeis University, achieving state certification as an English teacher.


  • Named one of World's Top 25 Wired Women by Webgrrls, 1999.
  • Member of the Internet Press Guild (IPG), an honorary industry association, since 1999.
  • Earned a Bulls Eye Award for Editorial Excellence from TechTarget, 2011.
  • Won TechnologyGuide "Employee of the Quarter Award" from TechTarget, 2012.

A Message from Jacqueline Emigh

I'm fascinated by technology because of its ever evolving ability to improve our lives. I enjoy keeping on top of the latest developments and helping you to overcome whatever challenges you face in getting products and features to work smoothly.

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