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Jack'd is a mobile dating app for gay men. Users create a profile, upload pictures, and browse other users' profiles. The app can display other users based on their distance from you, allowing you to find others who are close by.

Scenes: The Secret to Jack'd Success

When you are already in a minority group, finding someone with interests or expectations that match your own can be difficult. It can seem that all the apps out there cater to only one type of man. Jack'd offers a most diverse community of users, broken down into what Jack'd refers to as "scenes."

Scenes include:

  • Twinks
  • Bears
  • Big Muscles
  • Strictly Friends
  • LTR (Long Term Relationship)
  • Bi/Straight-curious

By choosing which scene you identify with, you make it easier for other people who are attracted to your type to find you. For the man who doesn't quite know who he is attracted to or is maybe open to trying new experiences and new personalities, this app can help.

What's more, the app also allows users to view all these scenes at once or to view them each separately, providing users with a surprisingly deeper experience than you might find on Grindr and its ilk.

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Search Tools Make Finding Guys Easier

Another feature you'll find on this app is the ability to perform a deeper search within these scenes based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Ethnicity
  • Photo Availability
  • Actively Online
  • New Profiles

By applying filters, you can get closer to the type of person you are interested in finding. Add in the ability to search by those online worldwide or by narrowing the focus to a specific city or area, and many possibilities open up.

This search depth is great especially before you travel or perhaps if you are moving to a new area. Very nice way to scope out who you'll be in close proximity to for friends and activity partners, to say the least.

Other Notable Features on Jack'd

As a standard for all gay apps, Jack'd also features push notifications alerting you to new messages, the ability to customize your profile with light or in-depth detail, a favorites list, and a feature for checking who has opened your profile.

The Match Finder and subsequent Worldwide Picture Match offers users a chance to expand their search geographically and can be a fun way to pass the time.

If you happen to match with someone who says they are interested in your photos, both parties are notified, allowing a conversation to begin. You won't be notified of a match unless both you and the other person express mutual interest.