Jacci Howard Bear

Jacci Howard Bear
Jacci Howard Bear - Original Site Photo from 1997. © Jacqueline Howard

Jacci Howard Bear (also known as Jacqueline Howard elsewhere on the Web) is a freelance graphic designer, writer, and artist who has been writing about and teaching desktop publishing for almost two decades.


Although not part of her formal job description and not her field of study in college (that was Business Administration), Jacci took on numerous small and large design and publishing projects for civilian and military employers. This on-the-job training laid the groundwork for her later freelance work in desktop publishing and graphic design.

During the 1990s Jacci wrote, designed, and published a small magazine about desktop publishing, and she co-founded the FidoNet INK echo (pre-Internet days) and AusTINK, both graphic design-related groups. Her personal portfolio includes design and/or writing credit for a history book, a software manual, logos, club and marketing newsletters, postcards, brochures and other marketing materials for small businesses and individuals.

She is also an artist who enjoys combining traditional and digital craft and page layout techniques to create greeting cards, books, decorations, and other creative printing projects.


Aside from her formal schooling, Jacci's research involves sampling online classes, watching videos, and doing many of the tutorials she recommends to others as well as teaching herself new techniques before writing her own tutorials. Teaching desktop publishing is an educational experience of its own that enhances her ability to continue writing on the subject even after all these years.

Jacci Howard Bear

Whether you do desktop publishing for fun or profit, and regardless of your current skills, I aim to provide information, advice, and resources to help you become more successful and thoroughly enjoy this type of computer use. Discover why everyone needs to know desktop publishing. Skeptical, then look at why we don't need desktop publishing. You can have it both ways.

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