iWork for iPad Now Supports Trackpads

Apple’s popular tablet productivity suite is now mouse-friendly

Apple recently updated iPadOS to support Magic Trackpads and Bluetooth mice. Extending mouse support to the popular suite is another reminder that the modern iPad is a hybrid device designed for getting work done.

Apple iWork Keynote
The new Keynote.  Lifewire / Lance Ulanoff

Apple’s iWork for iPad productivity suite now supports trackpads. The company launched updates for Numbers, Keynote, and Pages on Wednesday. It also updated the suite for the iPhone.

What does mouse support mean: While Mac users are accustomed to using their Magic Mice and trackpads with the desktop versions of iWork, this is a first for the iPad and its relatively new iPadOS platform. As we found in our review of the new iPad Pro 12.9, using a trackpad (and keyboard) transforms the iPad into something approaching an ultraportable laptop.

More new features: In addition to trackpad support for iPad (running iPadOS 13.4), Apple added a number of new features to the 10.0 version of each app.

Page changes: Apple’s document editor, for example has new templates and support for drop caps. There are also new collaboration features including the ability to start collaborating on a shared document as soon as you add it to iCloud Drive and editing shared documents offline (the changes are shared as soon as you reconnect).

Which iPads support the mouse-friendly 13.4 update

  • Every iPad Pro
  • iPad 5th Gen or newer
  • iPad Mini 4 or newer
  • iPad Air 2 or newer

Numbers changes: Apple’s spreadsheet creator can now work with larger data sets, including 1 million rows and a thousand columns. 

Keynote changes: Apple’s presentation app has new themes, iCloud collaboration updates, and a redesigned theme chooser.

Bottom line: At the most fundamental level, each of these apps now supports mouse-style productivity, including double and triple clicks to select words and sentences, dlidk and drag to select more, and drag and drop. If you own an iPad and use iWork, it could be an instant productivity update.

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