iVault App for iPhone / iPod Touch

Store Private Information in Secure Electronic Vault

iVault is a secure storage vault available as an iPhone or iPod Touch App. There is a free version with limited capacity and iVault Pro which allows for unlimited storage. iVault for iPhone helps protect your credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other private information in an encrypted vault on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


As cell phones have evolved into mobile communications devices, they have expanded their features and capabilities. A device that used to just be a handheld, portable phone, is also now a camera, a music player, an email client, a web browser, and an electronic storage medium.

The mobile phone, especially mobile phones like the Apple iPhone, has become an all-encompassing information management device for many people. They can store all of their information, play their music, check their email, browse the Web, read documents, jot notes, get map directions, and even occasionally make phone calls. It is the one device that is almost always within arms reach and it makes perfect sense that users would come to rely on it to store sensitive and private information.

The downside is that criminals also realize the value of these devices and the information they contain. Mobile phones like the iPhone are small by design and are easily lost or stolen- along with all of the information they contain. A program like iVault lets users securely store personal information in an encrypted 'vault' so that even if the device is lost or stolen, the personal and confidential data is protected.


  • Take & store encrypted pictures
  • Backup/restore private data on a secured remote site
  • Synchronise with a iVault for Web
  • Translate into 7 languages
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish
  • List view and icon view
  • Schedule automatic backups or synchronizations
  • Automatically launch web browser when you click on a URL link
  • Automatically initiate voice call when you click on a phone number
  • Automatically display address in Google Maps when you click on an address
  • Automatically open new email message when you click on an email address
  • Free updates
  • 256-bit Blowfish encryption
  • Modify the existing field names
  • Associate cards/forms with more than 53 exclusive built-in icons
  • Organise cards in different folders or categories
  • Import data from CSV file
  • Search in cards
  • Auto-lock after predefined time or when iPhone is shaken
  • Both field names and values are encrypted


After only 1 month, iVault had over 70,000 downloads and was being used in 30 countries throughout the world.


iVault for iPhone: FREE (*with limited capacity)
iVault for iPhone Pro: $9.99

*Synchronization and backup to The Web require a subscription to iVault for Web:

  • 12-month: $6.99
  • 24-month: $14.98