Use iTunes Faster With These Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts. Source: Pixabay

The Windows version of iTunes has an easy-to-use menu system, so why use keyboard shortcuts at all?

Knowing the essential shortcuts in iTunes (or any other program for that matter) helps to speed up tasks.  The graphical user interface (GUI) in iTunes maybe easy enough to use, but it can be slow if you need to do a lot of music library management tasks.

If for example, you need to create several playlists or need to quickly pull up song information, then knowing specific keyboard shortcuts can really speed things up.

Knowing how to get to a particular option via a keyboard shortcut also accelerates your workflow. Rather than navigating through endless menus looking for the relevant option, you can get the job done with just a few key presses.

To discover the essential keyboard commands to efficiently control iTunes, take a look at the handy table below.

Essential iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts for Managing Your Digital Music Library


Playlist Shortcuts
New playlistCTRL + N
New Smart PlaylistCTRL + ALT + N
New playlist from selectionCTRL + SHIFT + N
Song Selection and Playback
Add file to libraryCTRL + O
Select all songsCTRL + A
Clear song selectionCTRL + SHIFT + A
Play or pause selected songSpacebar
Highlight currently playing song in the listCTRL + L
Get song informationCTRL + I
Show where song is located (via Windows)CTRL + SHIFT + R
Fast forward search in playing songCTRL + ALT + Right Cursor Key
Fast backwards search in playing songCTRL + ALT + Left Cursor Key
Skip forwards to the next songRight Cursor Key
Skip backwards to the previous songLeft Cursor Key
Skip forwards to the next albumSHIFT + Right Cursor Key
Skip backwards to the previous albumSHIFT + Left Cursor Key
Volume level upCTRL + Up Cursor Key
Volume level downCTRL + Down Cursor Key
Sound on / offCTRL + ALT + Down Cursor Key
Enable / disable mini player modeCTRL + SHIFT + M
iTunes Store Navigation
iTunes Store home pageCTRL + Shift + H
Refresh pageCTRL + R or F5
Go back one pageCTRL + [
Go forward one pageCTRL + ]
iTunes View Controls
View iTunes music library as a listCTRL + SHIFT + 3
View iTunes music library as album listCTRL + SHIFT + 4
View iTunes music library as a gridCTRL + SHIFT + 5
Cover Flow mode (version 11 or lower)CTRL + SHIFT + 6
Customize your viewCTRL + J
Enable / disable column browserCTRL + B
Show / hide iTunes sidebarCTRL + SHIFT + G
Enable / disable visualizerCTRL + T
Full screen modeCTRL + F
iTunes Miscellaneous Shortcuts
iTunes preferencesCTRL + ,
Eject a CDCTRL + E
Display audio equalizer controlsCTRL + SHIFT + 2