iTimeKeep is an Apple Watch App For Attorneys


Now there’s an Apple Watch app designed specifically for attorneys. Bellefield Systems has announced plans to bring its popular app, iTimeKeep, to the Apple Watch son. The first app designed specifically for the legal industry, the app allows attorneys to enter in the time they spend with clients from their wrist rather than signing into an app on their cell phone or recording time in a book. The ability to accurately enter time can ensure that an attorney is compensated appropriately, and that a law firm  does lose money because the lawyer forgot to enter time, or entered time inaccurately.

"Wearables, such as the Apple Watch, will play a major role in the future of Mobility," says Bellefield's press release announcing the app. "Bellefield is excited to continue pioneering the path of innovation in the legal technology space through its App for wearables, such as the Apple Watch, which was introduced and demonstrated in June at the Thomson Reuters Elite/Vantage Conference in Vegas."

The app is available now from the App Store. The original iPhone app launched in 2012, and is currently the most-widely used mobile time entry solution for attorneys. 

"The Time Entry as a Service (TEaaS) model, pioneered by Bellefield, is constructed to be laser focused on the things that matter to the modern law firm: encouraging contemporaneous time entry and making it as simple as possible for everyone involved," says the release. "The TEaaS model allows firms and their users to be up and running in a few hours without taxing the resources of the law firm with costly hardware and software and complex implementations.

  Bellefield’s TEaaS model is transforming the way the modern law firm works."

In situations where an attorney might be working with a client on the move, it can be hard to accurately record the time spent. The app, both on the iPhone and the Apple Watch, can help streamline that experience, making it easier for the attorney and leading to more accurate reports.

While the intention is to benefit the law firm, accurate reporting can also be an asset to clients as well.

“Attorneys can now accurately record their time hands-free in a few seconds without needing their smartphones in hand. This is a major milestone, not only for Bellefield, but for legal technology, as we continue our relentless commitment to removing roadblocks to time entry. iTimeKeep for the Apple Watch allows us to deliver on our promise to attorneys to make time entry simple and convenient at any time, anywhere, using any device,” said Gabriela Isturiz, Co-Founder and President.

iTimeKeep is just one of many interesting Apple Watch apps that have been created for specific job purposes.

The app is highly decorated.  iTimeKeep was recently ranked by ILTA as the most adopted Mobile Time Entry solution for attorneys for the second year in a row.  Additionally, Bellefield was recently ranked #5 in the Pittsburgh Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies.  iTimeKeep seamlessly integrates with leading financial systems including Elite, Aderant, LexisNexis Juris, ProLaw, Rippe & Kingston, and many others. To learn more, visit iTimeKeep

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