Internet service providers (ISP) come with all kinds of options and issues. Learn about all of it right here.
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A woman sitting on a bed browsing a laptop with a smartphone and notebook next to her
Is Verizon Down... Or Is It Just You?
Mediacom outage map
Is Mediacom Down... Or Is It Just You?
Suddenlink outage map.
Is Suddenlink Down... Or Is It Just You?
AT&T outage chart from Downdetector
Is AT&T Down... Or Is It Just You?
Sample TMobile outage map from DownDetector.
Is T-Mobile Down... Or Is It Just You?
Optimum status from Downdetector.
Is Optimum Down... Or Is It Just You?
A man sits at a desk smiling at a laptop
Is Comcast Down... Or Is It You?
SpeedOf.Me internet speed test
SpeedOf.Me Review
Typing in the Shadows
How to Change Your IP Address
Default Gateway on Windows 10 Desktop
How to Find Your Default Gateway IP Address
Windows Internet Connection setting that shows IP4 connectivity to Internet, but IPv6 shows "No network access"
How to Fix an IPv6 No Network Access Error
Bandwidth throttling illustration
What Is Bandwidth Throttling?
A city's wireless network over a cityscape at night
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) and Your Computer Network
Network connections
What Is an IP Address?
Comcast/Xfinity Speed Test Review
Cannot connect to DNS server errors
How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Errors
Person using a computer with inset of DNS server illustrated
DNS Servers: What Are They and Why Are They Used?
Picture of four hands using smartphones
What Is DHCP? (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
An image representing the internet and the traffic it produces
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Illustration of a cubicle group all connected with the IP
What Is the IP Address?
Home full of people using internet-connected devices
Are You Getting the Internet Speed You're Paying For?
An illustration of a router log-in.
How to Find the Password
White router on tabletop in a home
How to Find Your IP Address
How to use the IP Address 192..168.100.1 to make admin changes to a router.
How to Work With IP Address
DDNS illustration of world and website
What Does Dynamic DNS Mean?
DNS cloud showing major public DNS providers and IP addresses
The Best Free and Public DNS Servers (February 2023)
Person looking at the IP address of Google
The IP Addresses Used by Google
The Private Network IP Address Notation. Private Network IP Address Notation
What Is a Static IP Address?
Red map of the world with 3 servers and wifi symbol above it.
How Is Used?
Computer connected to a network
What Is the IP Address?
A young network administrator looks at a server rack.
What IP Means and How It Works
Two people using different IP addresses
Uses for the and IP Addresses
Person using a computer with a displaydns command on the screen
DNS Caching and How It Makes Your Internet Better
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Header
An inkjet printer connected to a network
How to Find a Printer's IP Address
An illustration of a laptop with the address on a network.
Understanding the IP Address
Ethernet - Cables and Switch
The Most Popular TCP and UDP Port Numbers
Chef using tablet with wifi symbol at home
What Is the IP Address?
Human figures connected as in a computer network
What Is a Dynamic IP Address?
An illustration of how the address works for local area networks. IP Address for Local Networks
Two friends riding tandem bicycle in opposite directions
What Is an IP Address Conflict?
Command Prompt in Windows showing IP address IP Address for Local Networks
Illustration of a person using the internet from various private IP addresses via a single public IP address
What Is a Public IP Address? (and How to Find Yours)
Person pinging a computer or website
How to Ping a Computer or a Website
Troubleshooting tips to try if you can't connect to the internet.
Can't Connect to the Internet? Try These Tips
Purpose of and 192.168.1.x IP Addresses
Close-up of fiber optic cabling
What Happened to IPv5?
Person finding the registered owner of an IP address
How to Look up an IP Address Owner
An illustration of house to address is used.
What Is the IP Address Used For?
LAN cables in routers, used an nodes in IP networks
What is an IP Packet?
Hands thrown up in frustration at a 169 IP address error.
How to Fix a 169 IP Address Error
Finger pressing a lock icon in superimposed network illustration IP Address for Local Networks
Illustration of two people in one room with a virtual "fence" with the IP on it Subnet Mask for IP Networks
Communications satellite in orbit around Earth
Does IP Address Location (Geolocation) Really Work?
Binary code in digital readout
What It Means When You See the IP Address
What is TCP/UDP Port 0?
What Is Port 0 Used For?
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Header
An Overview of the Nagle Algorithm for TCP Network Communication
Person finding a MAC address via Terminal app on an iMac
How to Use an IP Address to Find a MAC Address