The DVDO iScan Micro In-Line 4K Upscaler

DVDO iScan Micro 4K Upscaler Package
DVDO iScan Micro 4K Upscaler Package. Image provided by DVDO

DVDO, makers of popular video scalers and switchers has announced its new ultra-compact iScan Micro video processor/scaler that may be just right for you, especially if you own a 4K Ultra HD TV (although it will also work with 1080p TVs as well).

What makes the iScan Micro easy and convenient is that DVDO has incorporated the same VRS ClearView video processing technology that it has used in its larger outboard processor/scaler/switchers, into a form factor that looks like an HDMI cable adapter. As a result, the iScan Micro not only does not require any extra shelf space but can be easily hidden behind your TV or source component.

The iScan Micro can be used with any HDMI source device and either an HDTV or 4K Ultra TV. The iScan Micro is just placed between your source device and your TV.

The iScan Micro will accept any resolution originating from an HDMI source component (DVD player, Blu-ray Disc player, Network Media Player/Streamer, Cable/satellite box) or even the HDMI output of a Home Theater Receiver. This is especially handy if you have all your sources connected to your home theater receiver. The iScan Micro can provide up to 4K/30 or 60fps upscaling to compatible 4K Ultra HD TVs. For 1080p TVs the iScan Micro provides up to 1080p/60 upscaling.

In addition to video upscaling, VRS ClearView adds an additional layer of video processing that aids in removing common upscaling artifacts that occur when faced with poor quality lower resolution content, such as jagged edges and mosquito noise around objects, as well as annoying "snowy" background noise. As part of the image "clean up", overall image cleanliness and depth is improved.

The iScan Mirco is useful where you have either a 1080p or 4K Ultra HD TV that doesn't offer its own good-performing built-in upscaling function. For Ultra HD TV use, the the iScan Micro is also HDMI 2.0 compatible.

The iScan Micro comes packaged with the main cable/processing unit, credit-card sized remote control, IR Extender Sensor extender cable (This enables users to hide the unit from view), and a USB power cable.

Setting up the iScan Micro is easy. All you have to do is connect your source to the processor, the attached HDMI cable to your TV, and then plug in the USB power cable to an available USB port on your TV.

Once plugged in, there are three setting options available for users that can fine-tune the video upscaling result:

  • Off – This setting is good for graphics and animation, where added processing beyond upscaling may not be required.
  • Low – This setting is good for high quality video input sources that may not need as much additional processing.
  • High – This setting provides full processing for internet and low quality video sources.

If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV (such as an "older" one) and you find that its 4K upscaling capability falls a little short of your expectations, the DVDO iScan Micro might be the solution for you - and, of course, as mentioned above, you can also use it as an upscaler for 1080p TVs.

However, it must be pointed out that the iScan Micro is designed for video upscaling of less-than-4K video sources, and improvement of standard 4K signals, but is not compatible with 4K signals that contain HDR and Wide Color Gamut encoding. In other words, there is no real benefit if used with HDR compatible source components, such as an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player or HDR-enabled media streamer.

The DVDO iScan Micro is priced at $129 - Official Product Page - Order Page.

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