Is YouTube TV Down ... Or Is It Just You?

How to tell if YouTube TV is really down, or if it's on your end

When you aren't able to access YouTube TV, or you aren't able to watch videos and live TV on the service, how are you supposed to tell if it's down for everyone, or if it's just you?

Even if it seems like YouTube TV is down, there's a chance that the problem could be with your internet connection, your local network, your device, or even your software. In some cases, the problem may even be caused by your internet service provider (ISP).

Since it can be so difficult to figure out the precise reason that YouTube TV isn't working for you, we've compiled all of the necessary tips and advice to help you get back to binge watching your favorite shows.

Keep reading to find out exactly what you need to do to determine whether YouTube TV is down for everyone, or if it's just you.

Are you actually experiencing trouble with YouTube in general, and not just YouTube TV? This tells you how to check on general YouTube issues.

"I Think YouTube TV Is Down For Everyone! How Can I Be Sure?"

If you suspect that there is some kind of problem with YouTube TV itself, your first step is to confirm that suspicion. By confirming that YouTube TV is down for everyone, or learning that it actually is working for some people, you'll be able to figure out your next course of action.

In cases where the problem really is on YouTube's end of things, all you can do is report the issue and wait for them to fix it. If you discover that your suspicion is wrong and YouTube TV isn't down for everyone, you can go to the next section of this article for additional tips.

Here are the steps you should take, in order, if you suspect that YouTube TV is down for everyone, or you just aren't sure where to start:

  1. A screenshot of the G-Suite Status Dashboard showing Google service interruptions.

    This site shows the current status of a variety of Google services. While it doesn't apply specifically to YouTube, there is no equivalent that specifically monitors YouTube.

    If a lot of Google services on this list are red, however, that's an indicator that there's some sort of problem that could also be affecting YouTube. For example, one of the worst YouTube outages in history coincided with a similarly devastating Gmail outage.

  2. A screenshot of Twitter.

    When a service like YouTube TV goes down, a lot of viewers turn to social media to vent and look for help. The best place to look for this type of activity is Twitter, where you will usually find complaints about YouTube TV outages under #YouTubeTVDown and other similar hashtags.

    You can also check other social media platforms, like Facebook, but Twitter is the fastest, and best, place to go for this type of information. If YouTube TV is really down, you can expect to find people complaining about it on Twitter.

    If the hashtag isn't useful, check out the TeamYouTube Twitter account.

  3. If you come up dry after checking those first two options, there's a chance that YouTube TV might actually be working. The best way to know for sure is to check a third-party website that tracks the status of services like YouTube TV. Here are some good places to check: Down For Everyone or Just MeDown DetectorIs it Down Right Now?Outage.Report, and

"I Think YouTube TV Is Down for Everyone! How Can I Be Sure?"

If you aren't able to find any evidence of YouTube TV being down, then there's a strong possibility that the problem is on your end. There is also a chance that the problem could be new, or highly localized, so you may want to check the options in the previous section again 10 or 15 minutes after you first experienced issues with YouTube TV.

Most problems that prevent YouTube TV from working are related to your network hardware or your internet service provider, or you could be dealing with some type of malware.

If you suspect that YouTube TV might only be down for you, here are the steps that you should take, in order, to get things working again:

  1. Verify that you're accessing the real YouTube TV website.

    One method that people use to steal private information is to use fake websites that look like real websites. These sites are designed to phish your information. Someone may have provided you with a link to a fake version of YouTube TV in an email, or you may have accidentally typed the address wrong.

    While this isn't terribly likely, it is very easy to check. Before you try anything else, just try clicking the link provided above. It goes straight to the official YouTube TV site.

    If YouTube TV works when you click that link, you don't have to take any further action to fix the problem. However, you will need to update your bookmarks if you were trying to access YouTube TV through a bookmark.

    If you arrived at the fake version of YouTube TV after clicking a suspicious link in an email, you should consider changing your Google password right away. If possible, enabling two-factor authentication to prevent anyone from stealing your account would also be a good idea.

  2. Are you trying to watch YouTube TV through a web browser on your computer or laptop? If you are, then download the official YouTube TV app on your phone or tablet and try that. If you're using Windows 10, there is also a Windows 10 YouTube TV app.

    In some cases, the YouTube TV site will go down, while the apps continue to work.

    If you're able to watch YouTube TV through an app but not a web browser on your computer, the following troubleshooting steps may help you get things working again. However, there have been cases where the YouTube TV website was down without impacting the YouTube TV apps.

  3. Completely shut down your web browser, and then attempt to use YouTube TV again. You'll need to close every browser window, then wait 30 seconds. You can open the browser again after 30 seconds have passed, and try to access YouTube TV.

    If you have another browser on your computer, check to see if you can watch YouTube TV with it. If you can, that means there's a problem with your original browser.

    Closing your browser windows doesn't always cause the browser to actually shut down. When that happens, restarting your computer or device is the easiest way to force the browser to shut down.

  4. Clear your browser cache, restart your browser, and then see if YouTube TV works. The simple act of clearing the cache is an easy process that ends up fixing a lot of different problems. You can also try a completely different web browser if you have one.

  5. Clear your browser's cookies. After clearing your cache, this is the next quick and easy fix that ends up clearing up a lot of browser-related issues. The catch is that clearing your cookies may have undesired effects, like removing customization settings on your favorite websites, or deleting your stored login information.

  6. Scan your computer for malware. In a lot of cases, malware targets your access to the internet, and you'll end up noticing it when you're unable to visit certain websites. If you are infected with a virus or malware, and you are able to successfully remove it from your system, you may find that you're once again able to watch sites like YouTube TV.

  7. Restart your computer, if you haven't tried that already. This is the most basic troubleshooting tip in the world, but completely shutting down a computer, and restarting it, can fix a whole bunch of really weird issues. If your computer doesn't get shut off on a regular basis, it's even more likely that this will fix your problem.

  8. Restart your modem and router. This isn't especially likely to help if YouTube TV is the only website that doesn't work correctly. It's more likely to help if you have trouble accessing a variety of sites and services, in which case it will typically fix the problem.

If you've gone through all of these suggestions, and YouTube TV still doesn't work, you probably have some kind of problem with your internet. The root cause could have to do with your internet service provider, or it could be an issue with the connection anywhere between your ISP and Google's YouTube TV servers. This is especially likely if there are a number of websites that you aren't able to access.

There might be a simple problem with your hardware, you could have too many devices connected to your network, or there might even just not be enough bandwidth available.

If you aren't able to access YouTube TV through any of the devices on your network, and none of our tips worked, all you can really do is contact your ISP for further assistance, or just wait and see if problem sorts itself out.

While this isn't very common, there is a chance that you can't watch YouTube TV due to issues with the path that your computer or device is trying to use in an attempt to connect to Google's servers. This is especially true if you can watch when connected to cellular data, but not when connected to your home internet. The easiest way to fix a problem like that is to use a different DNS server. If you aren't sure what a DNS server is, you're probably using the ones that your ISP assigns automatically. In that case, take a look at our guide to changing DNS servers for the next steps you should take, and check out our list of Free & Public DNS Servers for some good alternatives.