Is Windstream Down... Or Is It Just You?

Is Windstream is experiencing an outage or are you the problem?

What to Know

  • Windstream internet and TV services do experience large-scale outages but sometimes the problem is on your side of things.
  • If the problem is on your end, these troubleshooting tips will help you fix internet or TV issues to get you connected again.

How to Tell If Windstream Is Down

If you think Windstream might down for everyone, a quick check for widespread outage information can help you find out for sure.

  1. Search Twitter for #WindstreamDown. Check tweet timestamps indicating other people are experiencing problems with Windstream like you are. You can also try checking their official Twitter page for information.

  2. Use a third-party "status checker" website like DowndetectorDownhunterIsTheServiceDown or Outage.Report. These sites provide coverage maps and other details to show you exactly where problems are occurring in Windstream's network, as well as which services (internet or television) are impacted.

    Windstream outage map.
    Is The ServiceDown 
  3. Check the Windstream Facebook page. It's not likely, but if the outage is large enough the company might post information there. You can also message the company directly from this page.

What to Do When You Can't Get Connected to Windstream

If you think the problem is on your side, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to get connected again.

  1. Confirm your account status with Windstream. Be sure your account is current and services are not being blocked for some reason.

  2. Check your internet connection problems. Plus, be sure you haven't overlooked the obvious, such as:

    • Are all cables are connected correctly between devices?
    • Is the internet modem showing any error messages?
    • Is your Wi-Fi working properly?
    • Is anything potentially blocking internet signals?
    • Is your home electrical service working?
    • Is power out in your neighborhood?
  3. Do a little TV/cable box troubleshooting if the problem is in viewing your TV shows. Look for:

    • Loose connections: Check indicator lights, confirm the cable box is plugged in properly, and confirm it's truly turned on. Don't forget to check the HDMI connection.
    • Remote control issues: Manually turn on the TV and cable box, then use the remote control to turn both off. You might need to just replace the batteries to get things back up and running.
    • Input issues: Is Input set to TV? Press the INPUT button on the TV and scroll to the correct option for your television set if it's not.
    • Is Wi-Fi connected properly to your smart TV?

    If the issue still isn't resolved, try rebooting your cable box. If you're still having trouble, check this Mediacom troubleshooting page for more cable box tips plus digital TV error message tips.

  4. If you have a cable modem, the problem might lie with the phone connected to it. If all of your other phones are working except the one connected to the cable modem, try unplugging the problem phone's power cord and plugging it back in. Then:

    • Confirm all cables are connected between the phone and the cable modem.
    • Verify that another electrical device isn't interfering: Is the modem located too close to computers, monitors, appliances or other electrical devices?
    • Try resetting your modem.
  5. If you've tried all these steps and things still aren't working, contact Windstream customer service. You can also have a live chat with them on weekdays.

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