Is Waze Down... Or Is It Just You?

Find out if the servers are down or if it's a problem on your side

If you're having trouble with Waze, it could be that the service is down for some reason. On the other hand, it might be a problem with your device or connection.

How to Tell If Waze Is Down

If you think Waze might be down for everyone, you might be right. A few quick checks can help you rule that in or out.

  1. You can try checking the Waze website but you're probably not going to have much success there.

  2. Check the official Waze Twitter account to see if they've posted anything about a widespread outage. You can also search with #Wazedown to see if other people are tweeting about outages.

  3. Your best bet is probably to check a third-party detection site, like DownDetector, IstheServiceDown, or Outage.Report. These sites track complaints by customers, which can surface much faster than official statements.

    Waze outage map on Outage.Report

I Think Waze Is Down for Just Me! What Can I Do?

If you're not seeing complaints from others or an official statement from Waze, it's likely the problem is on your side of things. Most problems are related to internet or Wi-Fi service, but it could also be something with your device.

Here's what to check if you think Waze is working for everyone but you:

  1. First things first: Confirm you're visiting the legitimate Waze site. If you click this link and it works, it could mean you've been trying to access Waze from an invalid or illegitimate copy of Waze. In that case, update your bookmarks and password and carry on.

    If you're trying to access Waze from a phone or tablet, confirm you have the official app. You can find the legitimate Waze app for iOS at the App Store or the Waze app for Android devices on the Google Play store.

  2. If you can access Waze from the app but not a browser, it means the service is working but you have a problem on your side. Completely shut down your browser for 30 seconds and reopen it; then attempt to open Waze again.

  3. If that didn't resolve the problem, there could be other computer issues happening. Try the following, in order, to see if one of these troubleshooting steps will solve the problem:

  4. If none of the computer troubleshooting steps solve the problem, you've probably got an internet problem. If you can't access other sites, contact your internet service provider (ISP).

  5. If you're experiencing issues on your phone or another mobile device, be sure that your phone isn't have a problem with service. If you suspect something is wrong, confirm your account is paid with your phone provider. Then, check a few quick things:

    • Be sure your phone is not on Airplane mode.
    • Restart your phone.
    • Turn on Wi-Fi Calling to improve reception in case you're in a poor coverage area. To do that, go to your Cellular settings on iPhone or Mobile Network on Android and toggle Wi-Fi calling on.
  6. If you're seeing No Service errors on your phone, you'll need to try a few more things to get your phone connected. iPhones work a little differently than Android; here are two troubleshooting guides to help zero in on the problem for both types of phones.

  7. If all these steps have failed and your phone and/or computer both seem to be working fine with no internet service problems, it's time to submit a report to Waze.

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