What is TweetDeck? Is TweetDeck Only for Twitter?

Showing You How to Use TweetDeck with Both Twitter and Facebook

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Managing multiple social networking profiles isn’t always easy when you’ve got a lot of them and need to update them frequently. Other than HootSuite, TweetDeck is one of the most popular social media management tools on the web people and businesses use to manage their social web presence.

About TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a web tool that helps you manage and post to your social networking profiles or pages.

Before TweetDeck was acquired by Twitter, it could work with a few more social networking sites than it does now. At this point, you can only manage your Twitter accounts or Facebook profiles/pages with TweetDeck.

TweetDeck gives you a dashboard that organizes and displays separate columns of activity from your Twitter or Facebook accounts. You can actually access it via the web (in your Internet browser) or you can download the desktop application for Windows or Mac.

By adding columns for tweets, @mentions, direction messages and more, you can easily watch tweets from people you follow in real time and easily interact with followers. It saves you time and energy from needing to sign in separately to each account and post everything separately.

Is TweetDeck Just for Twitter?

As mentioned above, you can use TweetDeck with Twitter or Facebook. Although the service is owned by Twitter and has the word "Tweet" in its name (suggesting that it's used only for Twitter) Facebook is currently the only other social network it works with as well.

Why Use TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is ideal for both individuals and businesses that need better organization of their social profiles and needs to manage multiple accounts. It’s a simple, straightforward tool for social media power users.

For instance, having all columns in view for a Twitter account’s follower stream, @mention stream, DM stream and trending topic stream means that you never have to switch back and forth between all those tabs when you’re using Twitter via the web profile.

You can add as many columns as you want and rearrange them however you like so that the most important ones are always in view.

TweetDeck Feature Breakdown

Unlimited columns: As mentioned already, TweetDeck’s design is unique because of its column layout. You can add as many as you want for as many different profiles.

Automatic link shortening: If you insert a link into a post using TweetDeck, it will automatically be shortened. Under Settings >> Services, you can choose for it to be shortened with Twitter or Bit.ly.

Global filters: You can get rid of unwanted updates in your columns by filtering out certain text content, authors or sources. For example, you could add “#facebook” as a filter to prevent tweets with that hashtag in it from showing up in your stream.

Scheduled posting: You can create a dedicated column for all tweets you want to create ahead of time and schedule to be posted at a later date or time. This is useful if you don’t have time to be on TweetDeck all day.

Post to multiple accounts: TweetDeck highlights the profile picture of whichever icon you’re posting from, and you can select or deselect as many as you want to post messages across multiple Twitter or Facebook profiles.

Chrome app: TweetDeck has a specific app for those that use Google Chrome as their preferred Internet Browser. It’s available in the Chrome Web Store.

Getting Started with TweetDeck

TweetDeck doesn’t cost anything and is totally free to use. All you need is an email address and a password to sign up at Tweetdeck.com. You’re required to create a TweetDeck account separate from your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Once you have that, you can add your Twitter or Facebook accounts to be connected with your TweetDeck account.

To add more Twitter/Facebook accounts, simply click the screw icon in the top right corner and choose Settings.

Select Account to add or remove an account.

If you’re not impressed with what TweetDeck has to offer, you should check out our breakdown of what HootSuite has to offer in terms of better social media management.