Is There an Instagram App for Mac or PC?

Exploring the options you have for using Instagram on a regular computer

Instagram is a social app for sharing photos and videos. Is there an Instagram option for Mac or PC yet? Yes, you can access Instagram in a web browser from your computer or download the Windows app in addition to the mobile apps.

Download the Instagram App for Windows

If you use Windows 10, download the free Windows Instagram app from the Microsoft Store. You can upload, edit, and post photos on the Instagram Windows 10 app.

  1. In the Windows Search box, type store and select Open under Microsoft Store in the search results.

    Microsoft Store in Windows 10 start menu search
  2. Select Search in the upper-right corner of the Windows Store window that opens.

    Search box in Microsoft Store
  3. Type instagram into the search field and then select Instagram in the list of results.

    Searching for Instagram in the Microsoft Store
  4. Select Install.

    Install button for Instagram app in Microsoft Store
  5. When the download completes, select the Launch button to open the Instagram app. Alternatively, select the More button, which is the button with three dots next to Launch, and choose Pin to Start to pin the app to the Start menu, or choose Pin to Taskbar to pin the app to the Windows 10 taskbar.

    Launch button for Instagram app in Microsoft Store
  6. Log in to the app with your Instagram account information or sign up for a new account.

    Windows 10 Instagram app login screen

Use Instagram From a Web Browser on the Desktop

You can also use Instagram on a PC or Mac in a web browser by signing in at

You can:

  • Create posts.
  • View your home feed.
  • Play video posts.
  • Like and comment on posts.
  • Upload photos or videos to post your profile.
  • Save posts to your bookmarks.
  • Search for users, hashtags, or locations.
  • Discover new posts.
  • View your interactions.
  • View your profile.
  • Follow and unfollow users.
  • Edit your profile.
  • Configure your account settings.
  • Delete or archive existing posts on your profile.

Free Instagram-Like Photo Editors to Use on the Desktop

If you like the look that Instagram gives photos with its unique filters and editing tools, you can achieve something similar with one of the free photo editing tools accessible on the web. Here are three to consider checking out:

  • Pixlr: This vintage and retro photo editor can be downloaded and installed in a browser, Facebook, or as a Chrome web app. It's a great option if you want to create vintage-looking photos from your PC.
  • Photoscape: This Windows app does all kinds of effects with photos, right from your computer. It serves as a great replacement for Photoshop.
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