Is The Apple Watch Right For You?

Apple Watch

Is the Apple Watch right for you? That depends a bit on what you plan on using the wearable for. Just like a smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices, when it comes to smartwatches you have a number of different choices. 

If you've heard rumors about the Apple Watch 3, and you’re currently on the fence of whether or not to purchase an Apple Watch, here's a rundown of some of the reasons you might want to purchase one, and things to think about when you make your selection.

You Have an iPhone

Having an iPhone is an important step in Apple Watch ownership. For now, the Apple Watch requires that you not only own an iPhone but that you own a newer one running updated software. If you’re still rocking that 3GS, then the Apple Watch might not be a good fit for you until you update your phone. Likewise, if you’re using an Android phone then you should consider a Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) watch instead of the Apple Watch.

You Want To Keep Track of Notifications

The notifications feature is one of the killer features of the Apple Watch. With the Watch, you can receive all of the same push notifications you receive on your iPhone on your wrist. That means that you can not only see incoming text messages and phone calls, but also see emails as they come in, or notifications from apps like Tinder or Runkeeper. All those notifications can get a bit overwhelming, so the Apple Watch app makes it easy to customize the notifications for the ones you actually want to show up on your watch. That said, if you have a job where you always need to stay on top of email or be available by phone, then the Apple Watch can be exceptionally useful.

You have a Job Where You Use Your Hands

All those notifications also come in handy when you have a job where you need to use your hands all the time. Think about people who are professional chefs, baristas, or auto mechanics. With the Apple Watch, you can see notifications as they come own without having to stop what you’re doing. That can be great for someone with dirty hands, who doesn’t want to grab their phone but wants to see the text from their child letting them know they’re home ok.

With the Apple Watch, you can respond to texts and answer calls right from your wrist as well. That means your phone can stay in your pocket and you can still communicate with the people you need to.

You Need a Fitness Tracker

If you’re on the fence on the Apple Watch but are also considering buying a fitness tracker, then the Watch can be a great solution. It can capture your steps throughout the day much like a FitBit or other tracker, and also has reminders on how much you should stand throughout the day and how much “exercise” you should get in addition to those steps. A personal coach of sorts within the app encourages you to improve week over week as well.