Is the Apple Watch 7 Waterproof?

No, but you can still go swimming

Apple's seventh-generation smartwatch brings a larger screen, faster charging, and more durability. The company has always positioned the Apple Watch as an indispensable gadget you'll never want to take off, but how about when you're going swimming? The Apple Watch Series 7 isn't completely waterproof, but it can stand up to most of the non-dry things you might want to do while wearing it.

Is the Apple Watch Series 7 Waterproof?

Like every model of Apple Watch since the Series 2, the Series 7 boasts a WR50 rating, which means it's water-resistant up to 50 meters (about 164 feet) below the surface. So the short answer is, no, it isn't completely waterproof. The longer answer is it's sufficiently resistant. You shouldn't have to take it off in most situations.

The Apple Watch conforms to ISO-22810-2010, an international testing standard that ensures the water resistance of watches. It went through the following tests under this standard, all without showing any condensation inside the device:

  • Heating to between 40° and 45° C (104° - 113° F), resisting either a drop of water or a damp cloth with a temperature between 18° and 25° C (64° - 77° F) for one minute.
  • Sustaining a pressure of at least 2 bar (about 29 psi) for 10 minutes while underwater.
  • Immersion in water between 8 and 12 cm of depth for at least an hour.
  • 5 Newtons of force are applied to all faces and buttons for five minutes while the watch is immersed in 8 - 12 cm of water.
  • Successive dunking in water between 8 and 12 cm in depth for five minutes each at the following temperatures: 40° C (104° F), 20° C (68° F), and then 40° C again.

Is It OK to Swim With Apple Watch 7?

Generally, you'll be fine swimming with the Apple Watch Series 7 under certain conditions. The 50-meter rating means it's okay for shallow water like pools and even the ocean. You definitely wouldn't want to use it for diving, where it may encounter higher pressures or lower temperatures than it's rated for under the ISO.

You can also wear your Apple Watch while washing your hands and in the bath or shower, but it may not stand up to a lot of soaps, lotions, and other chemicals over time.

How Long Can You Wear an Apple Watch in Water?

The ISO standard only subjects watches to centimeters of water for periods of an hour and less, so you should still be careful even when staying within the 50-meter limit. It's probably safest to limit its time in the water to 30 minutes or so, especially if you're not wearing it in freshwater (for example, in the ocean). You should also rinse your Apple Watch with clean water after you finish your activity to keep it clean and remove any potentially harmful chemicals.

What Is Water Lock on the Apple Watch?

Any time you take your Apple Watch into the water, it's a good idea to turn on its Water Lock feature. This setting won't keep moisture out of your watch, but it stops motion or impacts from making any screen input. And when you turn Water Lock off, your Apple Watch will vibrate to help expel any liquid that might have made its way inside.

Swipe up from the Home screen, then tap the water drop icon to activate Water Lock.

The Water Lock icon on an Apple Watch
  • Which Apple Watch is waterproof?

    Apple Watches aren't waterproof in the sense that you can bring them with you underwater for any amount of time at any temperature or pressure. Waterproof electronics generally refers to devices like the Apple Watch that have certain water resistances of which the Series 2 and later models have the best resistances.

  • How do you make an Apple Watch waterproof?

    You can't. You can use your Apple Watch in the context of water as per its water resistance rating, but going beyond that you do at your own risk. If you're worried about water damaging your Apple Watch, it's best to not bring it with you.

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