Is Snapchat Not Working...Or Is It Just You?

How to tell if Snapchat is really down or if your phone is acting up

If you see the message “Oops, something went wrong” on Snapchat, it could be a problem with your Snapchat account, your mobile device, or even your internet connection. However, before you jump to any conclusions, you should check to see if Snapchat is down for everyone else.

How to Tell if Snapchat Is Down for Everybody

Here are a few ways you can check to confirm Snapchat is actually down for everyone and not just you.

  1. Go to the official Snapchat Support Twitter page. Whenever there are issues affecting a large number of users, @snapchatsupport will update followers about what's going on.

  2. Go to If there are no problems, it should say No problems at Snapchat.

  3. You can also use Down Detector to find out if Snapchat is down in specific geographical areas. Scroll down the page and select Live Outage Map to see a map of where issues with Snapchat are being reported.

    select Live Outage Map to see a map of where issues with Snapchat are being reported.

If the problem is on Snapchat's end, there's nothing you can do but sit tight and wait for the platform to fix the issue.

Causes of Snapchat Not Working

Different error messages can mean that the problem is on your end. Here are the most common Snapchat errors you might see"

  • Blocked Network: This error might appear if you have suspicious activity coming from your IP address. When Snapchat detects this, it will block the network.
  • Could Not Connect: This error typically pops up when you're trying to use blocked third-party apps on Snapchat.
  • Account Locked: You might find that your account is locked if Snapchat has detected suspicious activity coming from your account. Such activities include sending spam or unsolicited snaps/chat messages.
  • Snapchat Error 403: If you see this error, your best bet is to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

How to Fix It When Snapchat Is Not Working

If Snapchat is working for everyone but you, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Unlock your account. Snapchat accounts are often only locked temporarily, so you might need to wait 24 hours before trying to log in again. If your account remains locked after 24 hours, sign in to your account from a web browser, and then select Unlock.

  2. Try a different platform. If Snapchat isn't working in the app, try the web browser. If you're having trouble with the web version, try the app.

  3. Disable your VPN. If you're using a VPN, try turning it off. Switch to a different network, such as your mobile data or another Wi-Fi network.

  4. Troubleshoot your wireless connection. When snaps take longer than usual to send or fail to send, you might be dealing with a poor Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. There are ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

  5. Clear your device cache. You can also fix a frozen app download or update by clearing the data in your device settings so that you can reinstall it again.

  6. Delete the app and reinstall it. On iOS, you may need to connect your device to your computer and sync the app with your iTunes account. On Android, you might need to re-sync your Google Account to your device.

  7. Uninstall third-party apps. Uninstall any apps or plugins that use your Snapchat login information (username and password).

  8. Reset your device. If you have a rooted Android or a jailbroken iPhone, you may need to restore your device to its original state.

  9. Contacting Snapchat Support. If Snapchat still isn't working for you, try contacting the support team.

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