Is Samsung an Android? Yes, Here’s What You Need To Know

Samsung smartphones run Android, with a twist

The majority of Samsung smartphones referred to as "being powered by Samsung" use the stock Android operating system but with a Samsung interface running over the top.

This additional Samsung software often adds features and altered design elements not yet available on the stock Android operating system while still supporting all of the primary Android functionality users expect.

Is Samsung Android?

Most Samsung-branded smartphones run some version of the regular Android operating system with additional Samsung design elements and features added on top. Technically, Samsung isn’t Android, but many people and publications refer to Samsung phones as Android phones simply because they support Android apps and run the Android operating system under the hood.

Samsung did make Windows Phone smartphones. These didn’t support Android and instead used the Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile operating systems.

Think of modern Samsung smartphones as Android smartphones with a little something extra.

What Is Samsung One UI?

Samsung One UI is an interface installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets that modifies the Android operating system. In addition to changing various menus and settings, One UI also features a new aesthetic and user interface designed to reduce eye strain and make devices easier to use with one hand, hence the name.

One UI launched in 2018 on Samsung’s smartphones and tablets running Android 9 and above. It replaced the previous Samsung-modified Android interface, Samsung Experience. Samsung’s TouchWiz interface preceded Samsung Experience.

Which Phones Are Androids?

Due to the Android operating system being open source, Android smartphones are made by a wide variety of manufacturers worldwide.

Some Android smartphones are made by Google, such as the Google Pixel line of smartphones, while others are manufactured by Motorola, OnePlus, and Samsung. Mention of the Android operating system will almost always be on the product description or packaging of an Android phone.

 All iPhones run Apple's iOS operating system and cannot be called Android phones. While Android-based phones and iPhones are smartphones, that's where their similarity ends.

What Are Some Samsung Android Phones?

Popular smartphones that run a Samsung interface over the Android operating system include:

Is Samsung an iOS or Android?

Samsung One UI is an interface built on the Android operating system. When someone casually refers to a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet “running Samsung,” they’re almost always referring to the Android operating system running with a Samsung-designed overlay adding more features and aesthetic.

There is no Samsung version of the iOS operating system on Apple devices.

We should note that Samsung manufactures tablets, laptops, and other devices which run non-Android operating systems such as Windows. Always double-check the operating system on an item’s product page or listing before purchasing.

Some Samsung tablets and laptops run Windows instead of Android.

Is Samsung Better Than Apple?

Samsung and Apple have rival products in most main electronic categories, so judging which company’s products are best will depend significantly on which item you’re after and which features are essential to you.

For example, when comparing an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the iPhone may be less expensive, but the Galaxy boasts a more impressive screen. We can make similar comparisons with the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch wearables and the Samsung Pay and Apple Pay electronic payment services.

The company ecosystem you’re already in is also a factor to consider when choosing new devices. If you have a Samsung tablet, it makes sense to buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch as you’ll be able to use the same app store and account that you already have. Likewise, if you have an iPad, buying an iPhone or a Mac would make sense for the same reason.

Is Samsung Japanese?

While many people assume Samsung is a Japanese company, Samsung is, in fact, South Korean.

Samsung was founded in South Korea in 1938 and primarily functioned as a trading company. Over the following decades, the company expanded into other fields and spun off into several affiliates such as Samsung C&T Corporation, Samsung Engineering, and Samsung Electronics.

  • What is Samsung Android Dialer?

    Samsung Android Dialer is an Android app for Samsung devices that provides a way to use Bluetooth for calling and other functions in a “distraction-optimized” environment. Dialer is built into the Android Auto OS and allows Bluetooth calling while limiting driver distraction.

  • What is Samsung Android messaging?

    Samsung Android messaging refers to the Samsung Messages app, a texting application for exchanging messages and pictures with your contacts. Messages allows you to search for, block, and protect messages; preview URLs; and more. Samsung Messages is the texting app for Samsung devices, while Google Messages is on other Android devices.

  • What is com Samsung Android messaging?

    If you see com.Samsung.Android.messaging in your activity log, it means you've been texting, sending photos, receiving messages, etc., with Samsung Messages. This item is normal if you've been using Samsung Messages.

  • What is com Samsung Android incallui?

    The message you may see on your screen when calling someone with your Android phone is part of Samsung's OneUI. It's an extra feature that serves as an interface between the device and dialer. It provides a type of call screen with options like hanging up, muting, and putting a call on hold.

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