Is Reddit Down Right Now...Or Is It Just You?

Figure out if Reddit is down for everyone or if it's your computer

If you can't seem to connect to Reddit, there are a few different causes that might be to blame. It might be that your computer is having trouble connecting to Reddit, there's an issue inside the app, or there is a Reddit outage. These instructions will help you figure out which of those is the culprit so you can get back to Reddit in no time.

The instructions in this article apply to all devices able to connect to Reddit.

How to Know If Reddit Is Down

First things first, you should see if Reddit is experiencing an outage effecting all users of the website or app. Try these steps:

  1. Check Reddit's status page. If there's a system outage or issue on Reddit's end, you'll see it displayed here.

    Using Reddit's status page
  2. Check Reddit's status Twitter page for real-time updates. You can also search for the hashtag #redditdown to see who else might be experiencing issues.

    If you feel like snooping further, check out Reddit's Facebook page or other social media sites for any and all updates, posts from users, etc.

  3. Finally, you can use third-party websites such as Downdetector, Is It Down Right Now, or Uptime to check the status of Reddit.

What to Do When You Can't Connect to Reddit

If none of these sources report an issue with Reddit's service, the issue is probably on your end. The good news is there are several things you can try to get Reddit up and running again.

  1. If you're trying to use Reddit on a browser, type in the address again,, to ensure you're visiting the correct website.

  2. If you're using the Reddit app, close it and try reopening it again. If you're using your browser, close it and open a new one. Attempt to visit the Reddit website again.

  3. Uninstall and reinstall your Reddit app.

  4. Try toggling your device's internet connection off and back on.

    If there seems to be an issue with your internet connection and you can't get any app or website to load, reach out to your internet service provider for assistance.

  5. Try clearing your browser's cache as well as the cookies.

  6. Restart your computer or mobile device. Then, attempt to open the Reddit app or the Reddit website again.

If you're still experiencing issues with Reddit, wait and pay attention to online sources for updates. After all, you may have caught an issue on Reddit's end early.

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