Is Pokemon Go Down... Or Is It Just You?

How to tell if the Pokémon servers are down

If Pokémon Go is not working for you, it could be due to an issue with the Pokémon Go servers. There are multiple ways to tell if Pokémon Go is down for everyone or if there's a problem on your end.

Information in this article applies to the Pokémon Go apps for iPhone and Android.

Pokemon Go on a smartphone with a Pikachu toy in the background
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How to Tell if Pokémon Go Is Down

Try these steps to determine if other users are having trouble connecting to Pokémon Go:

  1. Go to in any web browser. You should also check other third-party "status checker" websites like DowndetectorIs It Down Right Now?, or Outage.Report.

    If you can't access any other apps or websites, then you may need to troubleshoot your internet connection.

  2. Check the official Pokémon Go news blog to see is the app is down for routine maintenance. The Pokémon servers must periodically be taken down to fix bugs and add new features.

  3. Check the @PokemonGoApp Twitter page to see if the developers are reporting a global outage. Another reliable source of information is @PokemonGoNews.

  4. Search Twitter for #pokemongodown to see if other users are reporting problems with Pokémon Go. Look closely at the timestamps on the tweets to determine when they were posted.

What to Do if You Can't Connect to Pokémon Go

If the Pokémon Go servers are offline, then there’s nothing you can do except wait until they are operational again. If you find that no other players are reporting problems with Pokémon Go, here are some steps you can take to fix the issue on your end:

  1. Make sure you're using the official Pokémon Go app for iOS or Android. There are a few imitators out there, so only download apps from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

    Download For:

  2. Close the Android app or iPhone app. Restarting the app might work if the Pokémon Go servers are overloaded.

  3. Check your internet connection. You can't play Pokémon Go without a strong connection to your mobile network.

  4. Turn on GPS and enable location services. The game will not work if it cannot detect your location.

  5. Change your device's mobile data restrictions. If you have restrictions set up to reduce mobile usage, go to your phone's settings and disable them.

  6. Update the time settings on your iPhone or Android phone. Inaccurate time settings can cause conflicts with Pokémon Go.

  7. Update the Pokémon Go app. New updates might include bug fixes that you need in order to play the game. Most apps should update automatically by default, but you can manually update Android apps and iPhone apps too.

  8. Check your app permissions to make sure the app can access the data it needs. On Android, go to the Google app permissions page to reconnect Pokémon Go with your Google account.

  9. Restart your device. Simply turning off your phone and turning it back on can fix a lot of problems.

  10. Clear your phone's cache. Clearing your iPhone cache or Android cache can get rid of corrupt data that might interfere with the app.

  11. Reinstall Pokémon Go. Remove the app from your iPhone or Android phone, then reinstall it.

  12. Scan your device for malware. Use an antivirus app to determine if malware is effecting Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Error Messages

If you can't connect to Pokémon Go, you might see an error message explaining what happened. For example:

  • Error code 2: Network Error
  • Error code 10: No Internet connectivity
  • Error code 11: GPS signal not found
  • Error code 12: Failed to detect location

You won't always get an error message when Pokémon Go is down, in which case you'll need to do some troubleshooting. If the game's servers are overwhelmed, you just have to wait and keep trying to connect, although this rarely happens anymore.

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