Is Pandora Down...Or Is It Just You?

How to tell if Pandora is down or if it's another issue

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When you're trying to stream music using Pandora, any interruptions can ruin the entire mood. Is your Pandora offline? Are you experiencing error messages that don't make sense? Pandora could be experiencing some downtime, but it could be a system error on your end, too.

Common Pandora Error Messages

Like most apps and online services, Pandora will often send out error messages to alert you that something is wrong. Fortunately for you, if you receive an error message, there's no need to decipher the problem further. In fact, most error messages will tell you exactly what's going on.

Some of the most common Pandora error messages include:

  • Someone else is listening to your Pandora account.
  • An error has occurred with Pandora [try again].

As you can see, the first error is straightforward, telling you exactly what's wrong with your Pandora service. The second error, although not as obvious, signals an internal problem for the Pandora service, leaving you with nothing to do but watch and wait for service to return to normal.

If you receive an error message that is unclear, chances are it's internal. If so, you can move forward to the "Is Pandora Down for Everyone?" section for next steps.

What If There's No Error Message?

If Pandora isn't working and you can't see an error message, it could mean a few things.

  • Pandora is down completely: If Pandora is experiencing serious downtime, the service might not be able to send error messages to their users. If this is the case, it's best to wait it out.
  • Pandora is out on your end: Is your browser spinning? App not loading? It could be a connection or similar problem on your end. To learn more about troubleshooting problems on your end, see "Is Pandora Down for Just Me?" for next steps.

Is Pandora Down for Everyone?

If you have reason to believe that Pandora is down for everyone trying to use the service, here are some steps you can take next.

  1. Check Pandora's Help website to see active Service Alerts. If something is occurring on Pandora's servers or internally, they'll note it there. If an issue is stated, Pandora is most likely down for all users.

    Remember, if Pandora's servers are down completely, their website may not load or they may not be able to update their service alerts at all.

  2. Check Pandora's social media accounts such as its Twitter or Facebook for service updates. Companies will alert their customers this way to help spread the word as quickly as possible.

  3. Use online downtime detectors to check for service outages. Online tools such as Downdetector and Outage.Report give you up to date service outage information. Simply visit the website and search for Pandora to see updates.

Are you able to see the Pandora screen but can't stream music? Before you move forward, try logging out of Pandora and log back in. This can help reset your service.

Even after checking these sources, you might not have a solution to your service problem. If Pandora is not talking about an outage and you can't find any information anywhere, it's probably a problem on your end.

Is Pandora Down for Just Me?

To check and see, there are a few steps you can take.

  1. Are you trying to use your mobile app? Instead, try to access the desktop version of the service. If neither the desktop version or the app are working, it could be a connectivity issue. Check your internet connection to make sure you're connected properly.

  2. Clear your cache. Trying clearing the cache on your browser to see if that causes Pandora to perk up. You can also try clearing the cookies while you're at it.

  3. Close your browser and walk away. Sometimes, simply closing your browser and leaving it to reset can be just the thing Pandora needs to recharge.

  4. Delete the app and download it again. If you're using a mobile app, try deleting it from your device and then downloading it again.

    Is your Pandora app updated? Make sure you update your mobile app as often as updates become available to avoid bugs that cause unnecessary downtime.

  5. Try restarting your computer. Restarting your computer can help reset your network when it becomes bogged down with too much information.

Still not working? You can also reach out to Pandora Customer Service to see if a problem exists with your Pandora, Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium or Pandora Premium Family account. You could be experiencing a billing issue that needs to be resolved before you can access the service.

If you can't troubleshoot the problem, continue to be patient. If you're able to access other websites or apps without fail, the problem more than likely rests on Pandora's service. Continue to check periodically for updates by visiting the resources above.