Is Microsoft Teams Down... Or Is It You?

How to tell if MS Teams is experiencing issues, or not

If you can't connect to Microsoft Teams, the entire service could be down, or it could just be a problem with your computer, the Microsoft Teams software, or your Microsoft Teams account. It can be challenging to figure out where the problem lies, but there are usually some essential steps and signs you can spot.

Instructions in this article apply broadly to all devices capable of running Microsoft Teams.

How to Tell If Microsoft Teams Is Down

If you think Microsoft Teams is down for everyone, try these steps to confirm:

  1. Check the Microsoft 365 Service Status page. 

    This is for the general health and service status of all Microsoft 365, but it tends to offer insight into the stability of Microsoft Teams.

  2. Search Twitter for #microsoftteamsdown and #teamsdown. Check the tweet timestamps to determine if other people are experiencing issues with Microsoft Teams or if it's a global problem.

    MicrosoftTeamsDown hashtag on Twitter

    While you're on Twitter, you can also check Microsoft Team's Twitter page for any updates on the service. 

    If you can't open Twitter either, then the problem is likely to be on your end or with your ISP.

  3. Use another third-party "status checker" website like Downdetector or Is The Service Down.

    Microsoft Teams service status on Down Detector

    If no one else is reporting issues with Microsoft Teams, then the problem likely lies on your end.

What to Do When You Can't Connect to Microsoft Teams

If you can't connect to Microsoft Teams and it seems to be working for everyone else, there are several things you can try to fix it. 

  1. Make sure you've logged into Microsoft Teams correctly, either via the website or the app.

  2. If you're unable to access Microsoft Teams from the app, try using the website or vice versa. Check to see if it will work on your smartphone or tablet instead of your PC or Mac.

  3. If you're using Microsoft Teams through your web browser, clear your browser's cache and clear your browser's cookies.

  4. Scan your computer for malware.

  5. Restart your computer.

  6. It's unlikely, but there could be an issue with your DNS server. It's an advanced technique, but if you want to try switching DNS servers, there are plenty of free and public options to use.

  7. Try using Microsoft Teams with a web proxy or VPN.

    If none of these solutions have worked, you may be dealing with an internet issue. Contact your ISP to request further help. 

Microsoft Teams Error Messages

Generally, Microsoft Teams tends to solely throw up error messages about being unable to log in. Typically, you can circumvent these by re-entering your log-in details or by resetting your password. 

If Microsoft Teams offers a message about being down for some maintenance, waiting it out is all you can do.

Alternatively, if the error message suggests contacting your IT team, such as if you're trying to access your workplace's Teams channel, you should get in touch with your IT department for them to troubleshoot the issue with you. 

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