Is the Microsoft Surface Right For You?

The Surface 3. Image Courtesy of

If you are mainly wanting to use your tablet for work and want to completely replace your laptop with your tablet, the newest Microsoft Surface may be your best bet.  The Surface line of tablets and computers originally came in two flavors with two different operating systems.  The Surface "Pro" was powered by a full-blown version of Windows, while the Surface "RT" used a scaled down version that wasn't compatible with the vast array of Windows software.

Starting with the Surface 3, Microsoft has wisely dropped Windows RT from their lineup.  The Surface 3 still comes with a regular model and a "Pro" model, but both are powered by the same Windows operating system that runs our desktop PCs and our laptops.   This means they can run the same software.

The Surface is a great choice if you have a piece of proprietary software you use that simply isn't available for the iPad or Android tablets.  For home use, it's becoming easier and easier to switch from Windows to another operating system, especially after Microsoft Office was released for the iPad.  But some businesses still use specific software that only runs on Windows.   This makes the latest Surface tablet an easy choice if the aim is to run those software applications.

Aside from running Windows, there isn't much that really distinguishes the Surface.  Microsoft puts a big emphasis on the keyboard, but believe it or not, the Surface doesn't actually come with a keyboard.  It's an accessory you have to buy, which adds $129 the price of the Surface.  And while Microsoft may not want anyone to know it, there are a wide range of wireless keyboards that are compatible with the iPad.  Even the multitasking features on the Surface are diminished now that the iPad supports Split-View and Slide-Over multitasking.   

The Surface Pro is a super-charged version of the Surface.  It's closer to a high-end laptop than it is to the standard tablets, and the price reflects it.   Both are great tablets for those who are still chained to the Windows operating system.   

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