Is Mediacom Down... Or Is It Just You?

Troubleshoot and fix cable or internet problems with these quick tips

When something goes wrong with Mediacom's internet and cable television services, it's not always easy to tell whether it's impacting a lot of people in different states or if it's just a problem with you. There are several things you can do to figure it out, though. This article explains how to:

  • Check for large-scale outages across Mediacom's network.
  • Troubleshoot common internet and television problems on your end.

How to Tell If Mediacom Is Down

If you think Mediacom might not be working for everyone, do a quick check for widespread outage information with these tips.

  1. Search Twitter for #mediacomdown. Look for tweet timestamps indicating other people are experiencing problems with Mediacom like you are. While you're on Twittercheck Mediacom's Twitter page to see if it has any updates.

  2. Check Mediacom's Facebook page. If there's a large-scale problem occurring, the company might post information about it here.

  3. Use a third-party "status checker" website like Downdetector, Downhunter, or Outage.Report. These sites offer coverage maps and other information to show you exactly where problems are occurring in Mediacom's network, as well as which services (internet or television) are impacted.

    Mediacom outage map

What to Do When You Can't Get Connected to Mediacom

Troubleshooting takes different forms depending upon which service is causing problems for you. Try these tips to uncover where the issue might be.

  1. Check your account status at Mediacom. Confirm your account is up-to-date and not placed in a status which blocks your services.

  2. Check internet connection problems in different ways. Plus, be sure you haven't overlooked the obvious, such as:

    • Are all cables are plugged in correctly between devices?
    • Is the internet modem displaying any error messages?
    • Is your Wi-Fi working properly?
    • Do any objects appear to be blocking internet signals?
    • Is your home electrical service working?
  3. Perform basic TV/cable box troubleshooting checks if the problem is in viewing your TV shows. Look for:

    • Loose connections: Look for indicator lights, confirm the cable box is plugged in properly, and be sure it's turned on. Don't forget to check the HDMI connection.
    • Battery issues: Manually turn on the TV and cable box, then use the remote control to turn both off. Replace batteries if the remote won't work.
    • Input issues: Is Input set to TV? Press the INPUT button on the TV and scroll to the correct option for your television set if it's not.
    • Is Wi-Fi connected properly to your smart TV?

    If these checks don't resolve the issue, try rebooting your cable box. If you're still having trouble, check this Mediacom troubleshooting page for more cable box tips plus digital TV error message tips.

  4. If you have a cable modem, the problem could be in the phone connected to it. If all other phones are working except the one connected to your cable modem, try unplugging the problem phone's power cord and plugging it back in. Then:

    • Be sure all cables are correctly connected between the phone and the cable modem.
    • Confirm other electrical devices aren't interfering with the modem: Is it located too close to computers, monitors, appliances or other electrical devices?
    • Try resetting your modem.
  5. If you've tried all these steps and things still aren't working, contact Mediacom customer service at 1-855-633-4226 or on Twitter. You can also text them at 66554.

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