Is an iPad Right For You?

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If you are unsure about which tablet is right for you, Apple's iPad is the easy choice.   Not only has Apple consistently put out one of the best tablets in terms of hardware performance, device longevity and ease-of-use, Apple's dominant position has created an incredible ecosystem that includes both apps and great accessories.

Did you know you could hook your guitar into your iPad?  This is one of many cool things you can do with the iPad because accessory makers know there are so many people out there that have an iPad.  The iPad supports a wide range of accessories that include wireless keyboards, car stands, a digital AV adapter for hooking it up to your HDTV and a camera connection kit that essentially gives the iPad a working USB adapter.   

Put simply, the iPad is the sum of its parts. The popularity of the iPhone adds to the usefulness of an iPad, which can video conference with iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac users via FaceTime. The iPad interacts with Apple TV, allowing the iPad to be connected to an HDTV without the hassle of cords. And not only does the iPad have over a million apps designed specifically for its larger screen, it is also compatible with most apps designed for the iPhone. And the uses for the iPad range from work to home to gaming to making music and videos.

The iPad Pro

The latest and greatest from Apple includes a "pro" line of tablets.  The iPad Pro features a processor as fast or faster than most processors found in laptops, which gives it blazing speed when combined with the lightweight operating system.   This line of tablets includes the whopping 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 9.7-inch Pro.  Amazingly, the 12.9-inch Pro retains the same feeling of holding a piece of paper in your hands despite the larger size, and that big screen is great for both multitasking and streaming movies.

The iPad (5th Generation)

The iPad Air 2 was recently replaced on the Apple website by an iPad without the "Air" moniker, but make no mistake, this is still (basically) the iPad Air 2.  It has the same basic specs with a slightly faster processor, a slightly thicker (but not noticeable) frame and a cheaper price tag.  This cements the iPad Air 2 and the iPad 5th Generation as the entry-level iPad models.   The iPad Pro lineup is a great way to future proof your tablet, but if you are looking for a fast tablet with a great price, the new 5th generation is the way to go.

The iPad Mini 4

Believe it or not, the iPad Mini 4 is almost as powerful as the iPad Air 2.  This 7.9-inch tablet is slightly bigger than the 7-inch Android tablet, and while that extra .9-inch doesn't seem huge, it accounts for about a third more real estate on the screen.   This one is great for those who value portability, but a little comparison shopping will reveal the new 5th generation iPad is actually a little cheaper.  

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