Is Google Talk Free?

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Google Talk has been discontinued. Instead, Google wants people to use Allo or Duo (consumer) or Hangouts (business). This article remains for archive purposes only.

This depends largely on what feature you are talking about, but on the whole, Google Talk is free and does not cost a thing to use. A little explanation:

Google Talk, also known as Gtalk, is the web search giant's desktop instant messaging program, which allows users to chat with others on the Google network. This application is free.

Gtalk can also be used as an embedded, web-based instant messenger inside of your Gmail account. You can learn how to send IMs with Gmail here, also free.

Google also provides users with a free audio/video plugin for making free video calls to other Gmail users.

The newest kid on the block, Google Plus, is the web search company's very own social network. Where it blows Facebook away is with Google Plus Hangouts, which allows users to video chat with multiple friends at once plus add friends in by telephone from the U.S. and Canada at no charge. That's right — gratis, gratuit  or, in English, free.

Using Google Talk Internationally

So, when does "Google Talk" cost you money? The answer: When you go international.

As long as you use these features in the U.S. and Canada, particularly those in which you are calling someone's phone from your computer, it is free. But, only when you use the tools to call someone in the U.S. and Canada.

If you want to call someone in France, Germany, India or Mexico, you need to purchase credits using Google Wallet. You can check out the current international rates offered by Google on their website.