Is the Galaxy Watch Waterproof?

Sure it can get wet, but how wet?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is water resistant. Of course, it comes with a lot of letters and numbers that describe its durability, but what do terms like 5ATM and IP68 mean? Put simply, the Samsung Galaxy watch won't have any problems with anything other than extreme conditions.

Waterproof Versus Water Resistant

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is rated for immersion in water and it comes with two separate ratings. The IP68 rating (Ingress Protection) indicates the watch is water resistant for up to 30 minutes. The 5ATM rating shows the watch is immersion proof for up to fifty meters of depth. When you put the two together, the Samsung Galaxy Watch can be submerged in 50 meters of water for up to thirty minutes.

While no electronic device is truly waterproof, it's accurate to say Galaxy Watch is water resistant rather than waterproof. For all intents and purposes, the watch will be fine for all but the most extreme activities. But, there are limitations to its durability.

What You Can and Can't Do With the Galaxy Watch

You can wear the watch in the shower, while doing dishes, and in the rain. But the IP rating doesn't take water pressure into account. That's where the 5ATM rating comes in. The watch is rated for up to five atmospheres of pressure, which is how much pressure you feel at a depth of 50 meters.

Any water related activity that stays above a depth of 50 meters is ok. The times you'll run into trouble are when you're scuba diving below fifty meters. The watch is also not rated against high-pressure water streams. Your kitchen sink is ok, whereas a firehose is not. If you find yourself water skiing or higher water pressure than 50 meters, you'd be advised to take the watch off.

Galaxy Watch on a stand
 JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images

Care and Use of the Galaxy Watch in Water

While you are swimming you can turn on water lock mode which disables the always-on display and prevents accidental touch input. This will help save the battery and keep the watch from acting up while submerged. Swipe down your Quick Settings and tap Water Lock > Done. To turn it off, press and hold the home key.

If you take the watch swimming in the ocean or in water that contains chemicals (like a swimming pool), rinse the watch off under clean water when you're done. After rinsing the watch or after swimming in fresh water, lightly shake it to remove any excess water.