Is Discovery Plus Down ... Or Is It Just You?

There are a few quick ways to tell where the problem is

Can't access Discovery Plus? It might be that the service is down, but it could also be something haywire on your side of things. Here's how to tell.

How to Tell if Discovery Plus Is Down

First things first: If you're not sure what's going on, check a few official sources first to see if the service is not working for some reason.

  1. When things go wrong, the Twitterverse knows. Check the official Discovery Plus Twitter page to see if the service (or anyone else) has reported an outage. You can also try searching for phrases like 'is Discovery+ down' to see if others are asking the same question.

    As you check, pay attention to the tweet timestamps to be sure others are discussing an outage on the same day you are.

    Discovery Plus Twitter page
  2. Check a third-party status checker website, such as Is It Down Right Now? or Down for Everyone or Just Me? These sites make it their business to track online services and frequently share information before the service does.

  3. Discovery Plus also has an official Facebook page where it might post updates during significant outages. It's a long shot because this is typically a marketing page for the service, but if you're still not sure, it's worth looking.

What to Do When You Can't Connect to Discovery Plus

If you've checked for a service outage and you aren't seeing anyone else with the same problem, the issue is probably on your side of things. Try these tips to see if you can get things up and running again.

  1. Confirm you're connected to the Internet properly. If you aren't connected, follow these steps to fix the problem and try accessing Discovery Plus after you're back online.

  2. Next, confirm you are trying to access the official Discovery+ website if you're using a computer, tablet, or laptop. Sometimes an evil twin attack can cause trouble, mainly when you're using public Wi-Fi.

  3. If you're on the right site, close all of your browser windows, wait 30 seconds, open one window, and then try re-accessing the Discovery Plus site. Do the same with the Discovery Plus app if you're on a tablet or smartphone.

    Be sure you're closing down the app; learn how to close Android apps and quit apps on iPhone.

  4. Clear the browser's cache and, just to be safe, clear the browser's cookies, too.

  5. Restart your computer.

  6. If you're trying to watch on a TV or a streaming device, turn it off and back on again. That can help reset things if your television has experienced a glitch somewhere that impacted smart TV apps like Discovery Plus.

  7. If the TV trick doesn't help, restart/reset the device you're using. Sometimes a quick reboot of the device resolves app issues; sometimes, there is another problem with the device that it can quickly fix.

  8. Sometimes, but rarely, there might be an issue with the DNS server you're using. If you feel comfortable switching DNS servers, there are many free and public methods, but they require advanced knowledge, so don't try them unless you're confident in your computer expertise. 

  9. Check your computer for malware. It's rare, but it could be that malware snuck in somewhere. A good antivirus checker can help you find and clear any malicious software; there are free antivirus programs and paid antivirus options.

  10. If none of these steps have worked, it's time to call your ISP for help. Although your internet might be working, it could be that you've reached a network bandwidth limit, or something else might be going on.

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