Is Blizzard Down... or Is It Just You?

How to tell if the gaming platform is experiencing difficulties or not

If you can't connect to Blizzard, it might be that is down, but it could also be a simple problem with your computer or the app. It can sometimes be difficult to figure out if the Blizzard servers are down for everyone or just you, but there are some key ways to figure out where the issue lies. 

Instructions in this article apply broadly to all devices capable of connecting to, i.e. both PCs and Macs.

How to Tell If Is Down

If you think the Blizzard servers are down for everyone, try these steps to check:

  1. Check the status page. support page doesn't have a typical Blizzard service status site, but the status page often lists any potential issues that may be ongoing. 

  2. Search Twitter for #battlenetdown. Pay attention to when the tweets were sent to determine if this is a recent issue or from a while back. 

    Battlenetdown hashtag on Twitter

    If your issue is with specific games tied to such as World of Warcraft or Overwatch then search hashtags such as #wowdown or #overwatchdown.

    While you're on Twitter, check the Blizzard Customer Support Twitter account for updates on whether is down.

    Blizzard customer service account on Twitter

    If you can't open Twitter either, and other popular sites like Google or YouTube are also down, then the problem is likely to be on your end or with your ISP.

  3. Use a third-party status checker website like Down For Everyone Or Just Me, Downdetector, Is It Down Right Now? or Is The Service Down? to check whether other people are having issues and there's a known problem with the service.

    Battlenet service status on DownDetector
  4. If your problem specifically relates to logging into World of Warcraft, check the realm service status page for further insight.

If no one else is reporting issues with, then the problem likely lies with your PC or ISP.

What to Do When You Can't Connect to

There are several things you can try if and the Blizzard servers seem to be working fine for everyone else but you:

  1. Make sure is up-to-date on your system. 

  2. If was working fine recently, simply try again later. Sometimes it can have issues if too many people are trying to connect at once. 

  3. Try restarting your PC or Mac to see if the issue rectifies itself. Restarting often works to correct all manner of issues.

  4. Try reinstalling This doesn't require reinstalling all of the games tied to it. Just uninstall and reinstall to fix the issue.

  5. Delete the cache folder on your PC or Mac. It's usually located within the Blizzard Entertainment folder > > Cache although this can change depending on how you've installed the game.

  6. Disable your firewall to see if that was blocking 

    Only do this temporarily, and be sure to reinstate it once the issue is rectified.

  7. It's an uncommon issue but sometimes you can have an issue with your DNS server. If you want to try switching DNS servers, there are plenty of free and public options but they do require quite advanced knowledge to set up.

If nothing has worked yet, you may be dealing with an internet problem. For example, you may have too many devices using up your network bandwidth, thereby slowing the service too much. Alternatively, your ISP may have issues. Contact your ISP to request further help. 

Common Error Messages is pretty good at telling you if there's an issue. Here's what to look out for. 

  • Something went wrong and our goblins couldn't figure out what, sadly. The best thing to do is try again. Error Codes: BLZBNTBNU00000006. This usually means you need to reinstall to correct the error.
  • We couldn't log you in. Please check for breaking news or try again later. Error code: BLZBNTBGS80000011. This tends to mean that the Blizzard servers are in maintenance mode right now so you should try again later. 
  • We're having a problem transferring data. Please check your internet connection just in case and try again. Error code: BLZBNTAGT000008A4. This is often rectified by either restarting your PC or ensuring that you have enough available bandwidth on your internet connection. It can occur when too many people are trying to do things online on your network.

If is down with a message about any kind of maintenance or issue with its servers, then waiting it out is all you can do. Sometimes such maintenance affects every user but sometimes it's just a small portion, depending on the server allocation. 

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