Is the Apple Watch Series 6 Waterproof?

Water resistant is not waterproof

Your Apple Watch Series 6 is a pricey timepiece with some excellent functions. From health features to timekeeping, it has nearly everything you could want in a smartwatch. But is the Apple Watch Series 6 waterproof?

No, but it is water-resistant.

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 Waterproof?

Technically speaking, no, the Apple Watch Series 6 is not waterproof. It is water-resistant, and there is a difference. Waterproof means it cannot be harmed by water, and the Apple Watch can be. Instead, it's water-resistant, which means it's OK to expose the Apple Watch to water under some circumstances. Those circumstances, however, are pretty specific.

The Apple Watch Series 6 meets the ISO standard 22810:2010, which means the watch is rated to be water-resistant up to 50 meters. However, Apple warns against wearing it to that depth.

According to Apple, Apple Watch Series 6 is suitable for near-surface exposure to water, so when you're using it near the surface of the water, it should be fine. That's because the deeper you get into the water, the more pressure on the watch, which could breach the seals that keep water from entering.

Apple warns that high pressure could cause the seals keeping your watch safe to fail. For that reason, Apple recommends you do not wear your watch while surfing or diving.

If you're going in the water, you'll want to turn on the Water Lock before the watch is exposed. To do so, swipe up from the bottom of the display and tap the water droplet in the Control Center to lock it against water.

To turn the Water Lock feature off, turn the digital crown clockwise several times. Don't be alarmed as you'll hear a series of sounds and feels some vibrations as the watch expels any water which might have gotten inside. Apple suggests also drying it off with a towel to ensure no water goes back into the device.

Can I Wash My Hands With Apple Watch Series 6?

Because it is water-resistant, you can wear your watch while washing your hands. Apple even has a program that automatically detects when you're washing your hands.

Hands soaps, lotions, and other chemicals can cause the seals on the watch to break down over time, so it's best to be sure you don't expose it to anything that might compromise the water resistance level.

Can I Wear My Apple Watch in the Pool?

You can wear your Apple Watch in the pool. The ISO water resistance standard the Apple Watch adheres to dictates it should be water-resistant in shallow water. Swimming pools are considered shallow. You can even swim in the ocean with your Apple Watch on; you want to be sure that you're not banging your watch against anything.

That includes banging the watch against water. Despite being liquid, water is relatively hard and can compromise the seals on the Apple Watch. Therefore, Apple recommends users not wear the watch when diving.

Any sudden jarring could cause damage to the Apple Watch's water-resistant seals. This includes hitting it on the wall, doorknob, or countertop, dropping it, or banging it against a hard surface. So, it's possible that even if you've never worn your Watch into the water, the water seals could fail.

Pressurized water can also get past the seals to harm the electronics inside, which is why Apple doesn't recommend surfing, diving, water skiing, and other water sports. Those activities could force water into the watch, even when the Water Lock is activated, which would ruin it. So, if you're participating in any of those activities, leave it on shore.

How Long Can the Apple Watch Series 6 Stay Under Water?

There is a limit to how long the Apple Watch Series 6 can withstand water since it is only water-resistant and not waterproof. Apple recommends you not have your watch submerged for more than 30 minutes. After that amount of time in the water, the seals could fail.

  • Which Apple Watch is waterproof?

    While all Apple Watches are water-resistant, no Apple Watch is waterproof. Series 2 Apple Watches and newer have a water resistance rating of 50 meters. The G-Shock smartwatch, on the other hand, boasts a water resistance rating of 200 meters.

  • Which Apple Watch bands are waterproof?

    Silicone is a waterproof material, so silicone bands are recommended for swimming and most outdoor sports in general. Nylon bands technically aren't water-resistant, but water shouldn't damage nylon. Leather straps, however, can be damaged by water.

  • Does the Apple Watch Series 6 track swimming exercises?

    Yes, Apple Watch 6 wellness features include support for swimming. In the Workout app, tap Open Water Swim or Pool Swim to set the pool length so that Apple Watch can track your laps.

  • Do I have to turn on water resistance for my Apple Watch?

    No, but you do need to turn on the Water Lock feature. Before you go into the water, swipe up and tap the water droplet to enable Water Lock, which stops unwanted inputs while swimming and helps expel water when you turn it off.

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