iRobot Announces New Roomba j7+

The new robot vac is powered by revamped AI

Robotics company iRobot has announced the new Roomba j7+ vacuum cleaner with new features powered by Genius 3.0, the company’s newly improved artificial intelligence.

The company claims in its press release that the j7+ "gets smarter with each use" via a new Genius 3.0 AI system.

Rooma j7+ vacuum


Genius 3.0 allows the robot to learn what is the best way to navigate a house thanks to the Smart Map Coaching feature. With this feature, the Roomba can record the layout of specific rooms and where the furniture is laid out. Users can configure the j7+ to note a person’s cleaning preferences such as which area often needs cleaning.

Users can create schedules for the j7+ with the Clean-While-I’m-Away feature. With the iRobot Home app, owners can tell when the robot starts or stops cleaning by having it detect the phone’s location. For example, if the Roomba detects the smartphone is away, it will start cleaning until it detects the phone. Owners can see how long it will take the Roomba to clean by checking Cleaning Times Estimates on the app.

j7+ cleaning and avoiding cables


The j7+ also has a Quiet Drive mode, which temporarily shuts down its vacuuming components if it’s not currently cleaning. It recognizes and avoids cords and solid pet waste, too. iRobot says it will replace any j7+ unit if it ever runs over any pet waste.

The Roomba j7+ is available for purchase with a price tag of $849 on the company’s website. It will be available for retail brick and mortar purchase on September 19.

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