ippi SIP Service Review

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ippi is a SIP service provider that allows users to make and receive calls through their home phones, SIP-supporting mobile phones, and computers. It offers local and international unlimited calling plans, but these plans suffer from not including calls to mobile phones, which are billed separately. The international rates are quite cheap. ippi poses as a replacement for a home phone service, and as a business SIP provider since it works with IP PBXs and offers business plans.

Pros and Cons of ippi


  • ippi routes calls through premium routes, thereby ensuring call quality
  • Good local unlimited rates
  • Innovative services and interesting features
  • Many mobile applications


  • Unlimited rates are only for landline phones, additional payment for calls to mobile phones
  • A limited number of countries in local and international plans.

Review of ippi

ippi offers the VoIP alternative to phone users through SIP account or Trunk SIP. Anyone can use the service, even if they have never heard of SIP before. You can use the service with your existing traditional home phone, SIP phones, SIP-supporting mobile phones and your computer.

If you are using your home phone, ippi offers a SIP box (that acts like an ATA – phone adapter), which you can connect to the phone to make and receive the calls. ippi provides VoIP clients you can install on your computer and mobile apps for mobile phones supporting SIP. The compatibility of the service is interesting. Along with the ippi box (ATA) for the analog phones, they provide the ippi Messenger (softphone) for Windows, Mac, and Linux, ippi for iOS for iPhone and iPod Touch and ippi for Android. Naturally, all IP PBXs, softphones, webphones, VoIP applications and ATAs that work with the SIP protocol are compatible.

Among the features are fax-to-mail service, DIDs in 50 countries, 0800 number, SMS, conference call, webphone, clic2call, and webcallback.

Calls are free when ippi users call themselves over their ippi SIP accounts, even worldwide. Calls are free to iNum numbers as well. There is an unlimited package for local calling within a country of your choice. Say you want to use the service for local calls in the US, you choose the country and pay 6,95 € for unlimited calls. However, these calls are only to landline phones. If you call mobile phones, you pay for each minute. You are finally not with the ease of mind as there will still be that unknown factor in the monthly bill, given that calls to mobile phones are generally more frequent than those to landline phones.

ippi offers international service, with unlimited calling to 50 countries worldwide, for 19.95 € a month. Again, the big inconvenience with this plan is that the calls offers are only to landline phones, and to only 50 countries. Calls to mobile phones are billed, except for those in the US. This does not compare favorably to other VoIP services, many of which include both landline and mobile calls in their international calling plans.

The call rates are among the cheapest on the VoIP market. 2 dollar cents per minute for calls to the US is an interesting rate, but there are companies that offer international calls for less than half a cent.

ippi claims to have 150,000 users, mainly French-speaking, most of whom are in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and the USA. ippi is one of iNum’s partners and each user registering with ippi get an iNum number free.