Comparing the iPod Nano to Its Alternative Competitors

7th Generation iPod nano
7th Generation iPod nano.

Apple Inc.

This chart compares mid-level MP3 players that provide a solid, intermediate range of features and use solid-state Flash memory to store music and other data. These players offer good amounts of storage and good prices, but don't crown the lines or offer advanced features like Internet access or third-party apps.

The iPod nano is the iPod that fits this space in Apple's lineup.

Apple discontinued the iPod Nano on July 27, 2017.

This chart is designed to make it easy to compare the features and prices of these players to guide your buying decision.

This chart does not compare hard-drive-based players, ultra-portable players, or advanced devices like the iPod touch.

The Microsoft Zune has been discontinued.

  Apple iPod nano Microsoft Zune Sony Walkman E Series iRiver S100 Creative Zen X-Fi3
  16GB 16GB 16GB up to 32GB 32GB
Songs Held 4,000 4,000 3,700 8,000 8,000
Plays Video? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screen Size* 2.5, multitouch 1.8 2 2.83 2
FM Tuner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes n/a No No Yes
Weight** 1.1 1.7 1.8 2.71 1.59
Size* 3.01 x 1.56 x 0.21 1.6 x 3.6 x 0.33 3.88 x 1.75 x 0.31 4.13 x 2.32 x 0.39 2.48 x 1.83 x 0.55
Battery Life 30 hours 24 hours 36 hours 42 hours 20 hours
Online Store Yes Yes Yes No No
Price US$149 US$179 US$109 US$99 US$169

* in inches
** in ounces

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