How Much Does an iPod touch Cost?

6th Gen. iPod touch
6th Gen. iPod touch. image credit: Apple Inc.

The iPod touch is appealing because it offers many of the iPhone's best features but at a lower price. If you're in the market for a new mobile device, you need one crucial piece of information: How much does an iPod touch cost?

Getting the answer to that question is much easier than with the iPhone. The iPhone has multiple models, multiple payment options, and complex monthly service plans. To figure out how much you'll spend on an iPod touch, you only need to know which model you want.

Four Models, Four Prices

There are four iPod touch models to choose from. The only difference between them is the amount of storage capacity they offer. Your options are:

16GB iPod touchUS$199
32GB iPod touch$249
64GB iPod touch$299
128GB iPod touch*$399

*The 128GB model is only available from Apple and select resellers like Amazon. All other models are available from a number of retailers.

Buy iPod touch at Amazon

The latest model is the 6th generation iPod touch, which adds an option with 128GB of storage. All 6th gen. models include a new, faster processor and motion coprocessor, and improved cameras. It's the model I recommend without hesitation. In fact, I wouldn't even think about older models, especially since the 5th generation model came out in 2012. That's a long, long time ago when it comes to technology. Getting the latest and greatest ensures that your touch will continue to work with the latest apps, versions of the iOS, and features.

Don't Buy the 16GB Model

When deciding what model to buy, I recommend against the 16GB version. I don't think you should even consider it.

Just like you should always look to buy the latest model, you should buy as much storage as you can afford. The basic installation of the iOS and its built-in apps take up around 4GB.

That's a full 25% of your storage capacity on the 16GB model. Add a bunch of songs, some apps, and games, and take some photos and videos and you could be out of space fast. Avoid that by spending at least $50 more to get the 32GB version (but again, if you can afford more, get more).   

Does the iPod touch Ever Go On Sale?

The prices listed earlier are Apple's list prices, but what about sales? Should you wait for the iPod touch to go on sale to get a better price? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Apple controls the pricing of its devices very tightly (and because they're so popular, it can get the prices it wants). It almost never has sales on iPods and iPhones. There are the annual holiday sale and back-to-school promotions, but you'll usually only save $10 or $20. You might occasionally find a retailer offering an iPod touch for $5 or $10 less than the competition, but don't count on saving much more than that.

Should You Buy Used?

If you want to pay less than list price, your best bet for getting a cheaper price on a touch is to buy a used one. If you're considering that, make sure you read these articles before you buy:

    Others Costs When Buying an iPod touch

    The price of the iPod touch model you want isn't the entire amount you should expect to spend. Depending on where you live, there may be sales tax. There are also a number of accessories you may want to buy, such as: 

    • A case (expect to spend $20-$40)
    • An extended warranty ($59)
    • A second charging cable to bring to work or when traveling ($19)
    • A power adapter for a wall socket ($19)
    • High-end headphones
    • Screen protectors.

    For more information on these add-on purchases that can add to the total cost of the iPod touch, check out this article on accessories to buy along with your iPod touch.

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